Jill Biden Is Reportedly “All In” on Her Commitment to Elder Abuse for an Additional Four Years

Prepare to see your hopes shattered. According to CNN, if First Lady Jill Biden has her way, it could mean another four years of her rambling, feeble husband and his societally destructive policies. Although she had previously been opposed to Joe seeking reelection in 2024—she should be exhausted from constantly trying to get him in the proper position and squelch his erratic ramblings—it seems that the first lady has experienced a “tidal shift” in her thinking and is “all in” on four more years of elder abuse. 

According to CNN: “The first lady was still mostly skeptical as of early fall – ‘not a proponent,’ as one person familiar with her thinking told CNN. But in the month since the November midterm elections, in which Democrats defied the fate of most parties of first-term presidents, friends noted a change. Jill Biden is now ‘all in’ on the idea, according to a person who works with the East Wing.”

How do we begin with this issue? The first thing to note is that Joe never, ever should have been considered an option in 2020 as a presidential candidate. The blame lies entirely on the shoulders of Jill Biden. His numerous appearances from their basement were embarrassing—anyone with even an ounce of dignity felt a second-hand embarrassment watching him struggle through “interviews,” then look off camera and wait to see whether he'd get his special pudding treat. She didn't just let her husband make himself look foolish repeatedly but actively supported this behavior. She worked with fellow insufferable Democrats to seize this disabled man and place him in the exact place he, with his diminished health, ought not to have been: in the spotlight. However, power, not obligation, is the primary motivation behind Jill Biden, so here we are.

It's not as if things changed after Joe became president. Jill Biden's elder abuse just transferred from their Delaware basement to the White House and the world stage. The consequences of her actions and her ego are real, and the United States is a laughingstock to the rest of the world. Our economy is in disarray, and a torrent of illegals flows over our southern border each day. As well, Russian President Vladimir Putin, who knows Joe Biden is a joke, is playing with his nukes. As her husband battles with slurred speech and wanders about in a state of confusion, Jill stands by and cheers like a mother watching her child perform in the preschool Christmas play.

In case we are thinking that Jill Biden lacks the authority to make the crucial decision in the issue of whether Joe Biden runs again in 2024, consider this from CNN: “The first lady, and she alone, has the full weight of kibosh; she can still stop what seems inevitable in a political calculus if she has concerns about her husband’s age or how another run would affect his legacy or their family.”

Also, what Jill desires, Jill gets. It is clear that she is keen for this carnival event to go on, even though she has the ability to – just as any loving, caring wife would do – prioritize her husband's interests over hers and put a “kibosh” on any 2024 plans that his political handlers are advocating. It's especially unfair for Jill Biden to deny her husband, obviously in need of rest and therapeutic recreation, the chance to live his final days in retirement. We've all earned a Joe Biden retirement, but there's Jill, wearing her elegant drapery-inspired wardrobe, standing in the way.

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