Berlin Aquarium Explodes and PETA Gives Ridiculous Response

On Friday, The Associated Press reported on one of the “weird news” types of stories that are occasionally reported. The story concerned an aquarium an attraction that is a favorite among tourists located in Berlin, Germany – well, it accidentally exploded:

Berlin (AP): A massive aquarium in Berlin broke and spewed debris, water as well as hundreds of fish from The AquaDom tourist attraction located in the center of Berlin, the German capital in the early hours of Friday.

Police reported that certain areas of the structure that also house cafes, a hotel, and a chocolate store were damaged when one million liters (264,000 grams) of water were drained from the aquarium at around 6 a.m. (0500 GMT).

The owner of AquaDom, the Union Investment Real Estate firm,  issued an announcement on Friday afternoon that the causes of the incident are “still unclear.”

The report was followed by additional details about the massive structure of the marine display:

The AquaDom website declared it to be the largest round tank of its kind on the globe, being 25 meters high (82 feet high). However, Union Investment Real Estate clarified on Friday that the tank section of the attraction stood at an elevation of 14 meters (46 feet).

The loss of life for the 15,000 sea creatures in the aquarium was nearly total:

The majority from the 1500 or so fish inside at the time the rupture passed away, according to officials from the Berlin Mitte district government, and confirmed through Twitter with the addition that “a few fish at the bottom of the tank” may be able to be saved.

While the investigation is in progress, the most popular hypothesis is “freezing temperatures” might be the cause:

There was speculation that freezing temperatures that dropped to 10° Celsius overnight led to cracks within the tank. The tank later exploded under the pressure of water. Police have said there is no evidence that the incident stemmed from an attack.

In a news update, AP shared that authorities stated that there were just two minor injuries. This is a great thing, given how the aquarium is extremely popular:

Berlin's fire department said two people had minor injuries. The rescue dogs were searching the area for any person who could be trapped beneath debris, according to the fire department.

This aquarium was updated in 2020. It is a huge attraction for tourists in Berlin. The elevator ride of 10 minutes across the tank's tropical habitat was among the main attractions of the aquarium.

Berlin's mayor, Franziska Giffey also spoke out about the incident: “it could have been far worse.”

“Despite all the destruction, we were still very lucky,” she added. “We would have had terrible human damage” had the aquarium burst an hour later, when more people were awake within the hotel and vicinity, she explained.

When news broke of the aquarium's exploding, People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) was forced to weigh into the fray using social media to warn of “legal action” on the “captive” fishies' behalf and describing the aquarium as a “death-trap.” Several outlets covered the extreme activist group's furious (and absurd) tweets.

“This man-made tragedy shows that aquariums are not a safe place for fish and other marine life,” the group said in a statement.

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