Biden Lied About Job Reports Before Election

Joe Biden lies. All the time.

However, it appears that his administration is also lying about something crucial — the employment numbers in the 2nd quarter of the year. They claimed that they had a net growth of 1,047,000. However, it's now been discovered that they were off. Not by just a bit however, but by a massive amount. In fact, by so much that it's hard to believe it's just a mistake.

Instead of more than a million new jobs, according to claims by the Biden campaign, just 10,000 new jobs were created as per the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia. This is despite Biden claiming that the economy was growing at a historic rate prior to the election “more jobs than in any quarter” for nearly 40 years prior to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The White House continued to repeat the lie, saying it was an indication of “enormous progress”-when it was totally incorrect.

Are we talking about lying and manipulation of elections? That's exactly what is happening here.

Republicans have accused the Biden administration of lying about employment figures in the election year and demand answers.

The latest assessment of the Philadelphia Fed has revealed that the number of employees across 29 states, as well as those in the District of Columbia, were significantly less than what the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported for the months of March through June.

The BLS, who is part of the Department of Labor, estimated the growth in net jobs of 1,047,000 jobs in the first quarter. It is reported that the Philadelphia Fed now says its figures show the creation of 10,500 net jobs during that time.

Republican Senator. Rick Scott of Florida said the news was “outrageous.”

“Wrong by a million jobs,” Mr. Scott tweeted Friday. “@JoeBiden's administration is lying to American citizens about our economy in order to back up his failed agenda and I'm not willing to accept it. I'm asking for an immediate meeting with the @BLS_gov's head. We need answers now!”

What did the White House have to say regarding this?

“We examine a range of economic and labor activity indicators closely. The whole of the data indicate that the labor market is healthy, with the unemployment rate close to 50 years low and first unemployment-related claims being low. These trends are in line with the record-breaking employment growth under Biden as President.”

Translation? There is no explanation of if they will justify the massive lie they've been telling Americans. If voters decided to vote for them believing they'd done something positive then, so be it. What they really care about is what they think of as the “Harry Reid response” – “all that matters is we won.”

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