Maine Social Worker Facilitated Gender Transition of Minor Without Parental Consent

This is yet another tale that which the left says isn't taking place in America. A mother from Damariscotta, Maine is calling for the resignation of a number of school officials after noticing an employee of a social work agency started helping her daughter “socially transition” to the opposite gender in secret.

Maine Wire reported:

In an emotional letter addressed to school officials Amber Lavigne said a Central Lincoln County School System (CLCSS) social worker from Great Salt Bay Community School in Damariscotta offered a chest binder for her daughter, an instrument for gender transition. The social worker urged the girl to hide it from her parents.

Lavigne stated that she'd never met the social worker, named Samuel Roy — and was unaware that school personnel were secretly working to set her daughter on a path to gender change. Other school officials also took part in the girl's transition and used masculine pronouns when addressing her.

Chest binders are a device that are worn by girls who are believed to be transgender in order to assist them with their social move to the opposite gender. They are used by transgender girls to hide their growing breasts while suffering from gender dysphoria-related symptoms. Advocates for this “treatment” claim it is beneficial to mentally healthy girls who are unsure of their gender, and can be utilized as a prelude to surgery in a variety of cases.

Lavigne knew that her daughter was working with a social worker within the school. However, in October, she was assigned the new social worker, Roy. The mother noted she was told that “the chest binder was provided less than two weeks after her daughter first met Roy,” according to the report. The mother was further furious when she learned that every employee who was involved in the incident remained in their position while attempting to help her daughter transition without her consent.

“Under no circumstances should she have been provided a chest binder without the knowledge of her parents,” Lavigne stated during the school board's meeting.

“A social worker at the school encouraged a student to keep a secret from her parents,” she said. “This is the definition of child sexual grooming. The predators seek to earn a victim's trust by creating an ice between them and their families.”

Unexpectedly, an educator from the school district, named Chris Coleman, spoke after Lavigne and supported the policy. He said that those who are against the practice “have decided that our transgender students do not deserve to feel safe at school” and said that the word “groomer” was an insult to teachers.

The report pointed out that Maine's school administrators have “denied providing gender-transitioning equipment like chest binders to public school students of any age” in the past.

Such situations have become a hot topic in the state, as parents and school districts clash regarding the promotion and teaching of transgender-related beliefs within the school. In the last month, the state's Department of Education was reported to be looking into measures that would allow school administrators to help students with gender dysphoria when transitioning without informing parents or consulting them.

Schools across the nation have adopted similar practices as part of the national debate over transgender identity at public school. In states such as Wisconsin, California, New York, and many more, districts are instructing teachers to hide gender identity from parents. In many instances, teachers and school personnel are required to keep this from parents unless the child has consented to telling them.

While the midterm elections may not have turned out as conservatives expected, the school board races were a bright spot. In several states, schools switched from left to right when conservative candidates defeated progressive school board representatives. In some cases, the board members have taken action in a way to root out progressive ideologies that are harmful to the classroom.

However, the fight isn't done. Progressives have not relented in their efforts to educate children, and they'll likely be even more aggressive after they have received criticism. The elections' victories are a good sign of the increasing number of people becoming aware about what people are doing to their children. However, this issue requires greater exposure if people want to be involved in the battle.

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