Progressives Write Wikipedia Page to Cry About Twitter

As if it couldn't get more absurd, Progressives make the ongoing battle with Twitter Chief Executive Elon Musk and the members of the media activist community more ridiculous. Following the suspension of accounts from a variety of media outlets, the left sank into a rage and developed a new admiration for the right to free speech.

Even after Musk returned their accounts, the chaos didn't stop. The people played victim and have tried to portray this as some sort of significant incident that has happened in social media's history. The group went as far as to create a\ Wikipedia page to record the whole incident as if it really justifies such an entry. Even better, the brave defenders of free speech created a name for the event: The Thursday Night Massacre.

Get it? Since Musk suspended the journalists on a Thursday and this is in some way like a digital massacre or something.

The people who set up the page complained activists from the media “were not initially provided specific reasons for the ban,” and that certain among them “said they had not violated the rule” against sharing personal location information.

Do you not find it fascinating that people engage in this kind of behavior and yet think they're fooling the country to believe they aren't ignorant, far-leftist scumbags? In the present, it is as clear as it can get. However, they continue apace.

As you can imagine, the decision was met with nothing more than ridicule from the sane people on Twitter.:

Even Musk himself joined in and commented on the sheer humor of the whole thing. “A two-day suspension of possibly seven accounts for doxxing received a Wikipedia account. Why is that? Wikipedia is managed by MSM journalists. Don't believe in that website anymore,” he tweeted.

As a sign that sanity may still exist on the internet, the Wikipedia entry mentions that the “article is being considered for deletion in accordance with Wikipedia's deletion policy.”

There is also an online discussion forum from which users debate whether the page should stay or be removed. One user commented on the fact that “[t]he responses from other commentators section is heavily weighted in favor of those who were suspended,” and “[n]o comments supportive of the doxxing suspensions are listed.”

Another writer wrote:

“There was a mistake made. They recorded the coordinates of the plane and found one of Elon's children. That the original person who initiated this hacking made an application to access his plane's information that was not publicly available is enough proof. People who shared this information and even dreaded Elon to do so deserve to be punished. They're lucky that it's only one suspension.”

Another user, however, supported the article, saying that the situation “is about more than just some random account suspensions,” and that it “involves free speech issues, Elon Musks' relationship to journalists and the political system, social media moderation ethics, etc.”

The person in question claimed that this story was “[i]mportant enough to keep for now and wait and see how the story evolves.”

But, since Wikipedia's users tend to be left-leaning, it is more likely that the post will be left in place and be a tribute to the suffering of whiny-a**ed media activists who pretend to be concerned about freedom of speech when it affects people who agree with their views. Let's look at the positives. At the very least, it gives us another reason to feel sad for this group of people, right?

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