Turley Attacks Democrats Over Twitter Files Realizations

Jonathan Turley is not only a well-known George Washington University law professor as well as a legal scholar as well as a Fox News contributor; but he has declared himself to be a Democrat who is willing to speak out against power and, as a consequence, frequently slams the Democrat Party and liberal media, including over the investigation into the Hunter Biden Laptop scandal.

Turley was on Friday's edition of Fox News “Hannity” to discuss the ongoing Twitter Files dumps with, as usual, an intelligent take on Twitter 1.0 documents. He also told Host Sean Hannity that Congressional Democrats have been unable to investigate accusations of censorship regarding Twitter “for years”:

The files aren't simply an indictment of the FBI, but they're an indictment of Congress. Congress has been steadfast in its refusal to investigate the censorship accusations, and some of us have written about this for many years. The Democratic members have resisted a look into this however, and in fact, Democratic members have been pushing the social media industry to broaden the scope of censorship.

The good professor then examined the Democrats “smart” response to the former Twitter Chief Executive Jack Dorsey's apology to the role of the social media company within Hunter Biden's story:

In the exact hearing in which Jack Dorsey apologized for the Hunter Biden laptop debacle, the first response of Democratic senators was to say, don't be a backslider. We're looking for more control. Now, we are not just dealing with censorship and blacklisting. There are shadow bans. The whole thing is available to the general public.

So, in certain ways, Musk has made people decide which side to take. It's true that they're having recently to admit to not only as censorship apologists as well as shadowbanning and blacklisting and even lying, since this is what we've seen over the past three years.

“That's a lot to take on yourself and still claim that you're a journalist or you believe in free speech,” Turley stated about the media.

As for the Democrat Party and the liberal media sock puppets who have found themselves between a rock and a hard place as a result of Elon Musk's return to freedom of speech on Twitter, the Democrats as well as “mainstream” media lapdogs vociferously refuse to support blocking censorship from one side of their faces and yet “almost” condemn Musk to everlasting hell for lifting the multiple suspensions of well-known conservative Twitter accounts. 

While Musk is giddy as he continues to troll through the whole situation.

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