Harmeet Dhillon Gains More Endorsements for Her Run for the RNC Chair Position, Including Tim Pool’s

At a panel discussion at Turning Point USA AmFest, independent journalist Tim Pool endorsed Harmeet Dhillon as she seeks to succeed Ronna McDaniel in the role of Republican National Committee (RNC) chair. The endorsement was announced during Pool’s live broadcast at AmericaFest (AmFest) in Phoenix on December 19.

During her interview with Pool, Dhillon reiterated several points she has made throughout her run, along with the facts uncovered by RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar in her report on questionable luxury and extravagant expenses during McDaniel's time as RNC chair. A prime example:

I'm a donor. A lot of you are donors. Do you want mementos? Or do you want to win elections?

– Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) December 20, 2022

Dhillon has stated that her main objective in the event she is elected RNC chair is to remove any unnecessary layers, beginning with consultants who are more focused on earning money than winning elections.

What I've seen is that there is a tremendous amount of back scratching, fat, waste, self-dealing, and generally stuff that doesn't get Republicans elected.

– Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) December 20, 2022

Dhillon praised the voter-registration advocate Scott Presler, heroizing him as an example of the way things should be done instead of the usual back-room deals and backslapping that are prevalent in the GOP. She also laid out plans for decentralizing the RNC, which would eliminate everyone and everything that is centered in Washington, D.C. Instead, Dhillon would establish satellite offices in the areas in which Republicans are trying to establish themselves, organically placing power where it's most needed.

During the interview, Dhillon made use of an oft-used but completely accurate expression:

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result.

– Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) December 20, 2022

What we've seen during recent elections, particularly the election of November 2022, is a Republican establishment more focused on maintaining its place in the feeding trough of donors than ascending to posts of power, using the same for action. One point that was made during an interview by Turning Point USA’s founder and president, Charlie Kirk, was the fact that even when in positions of power, Republicans consistently failed to translate their words into actions. He focused on the failure to eliminate Obamacare when the chance was there during President Donald Trump’s first two years in office, during which the GOP was the majority party of both the House and the Senate. Dhillon frequently said that she would not allow such inconsistency but, instead, would lead the party to become what it claims to be—a party that is for all Americans.

The massive opposition to Dhillon's political campaign is not a surprise. Individuals who have no work skills yet have successfully wormed their way into earning salaries are likely to be extremely agitated when confronted with the truth. We've seen this in the recent outright hysteria that resulted from “journalists” becoming temper-tantrum-laden children after being told that they were under the same rules on Twitter that they were known to lord over other people—those who are used to committing crimes without fear aren't sure how to respond when confronted with actual accountability.

The question is whether enough people who aren't in the political arena can have this sufficiently brought to their attention to affect change. If she is elected, Dhillon will have a difficult task to complete. She has to figure out an avenue to engage with the majority of the population, who have, with good reason, cynically renounced political involvement to the extent that the majority of them do not consider voting due to the cycle of elections full of unfulfilled promises. The issue isn't whether or not Dhillon deserves the support of Republican political leaders. It's whether they will, in many cases, adequately accomplish what they have said they would do to justify her backing of them.

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