The Latest Photoshop Job of Joe Biden Goes Badly

There have been instances of political deception before. It is a common occurrence in the arena of politics on both sides. That doesn't mean it's the right thing to do.

However, Joe Biden and his supporters have taken this to a new level. With Biden, we're not talking about slight exaggerations that are insignificant but fanciful claims made up from scratch—and not only because of his age and declining mental health. Biden has done this throughout his political career. Biden's latest hoax was coming up with the lie that he gave his uncle, Frank, an honorary purple heart, which was not possible.

Considering the way he is, his team, along with other Democrats, must rein him in. However, they're already making bull cookies alongside him. Anything they can do to help him and assist the Democrats in retaining power.

Sometimes, however, the actions are so obvious that they're laughable. Take the photo of Joe and Jill Biden with Hunter Biden's son Beau, who is declaring that he has “Pop” wrapped around his finger. The picture was posted by Democratic strategy expert Chris D. Jackson.

If you look at the photo and feel something is a little odd, congratulations! You ought to. There's a reason why Joe Biden looks at least 15 years younger than he really is; it’s because of someone’s poor Photoshop job of getting rid of the lines in his face and fixing his hair. In fact, they cleaned up Jill's face, legs, and hands along with Joe's. His hands are so badly Photoshopped that they appear as blobs, and it seems that they worked only on one side of Jill's face.

You need to compare it against the original picture, which was captured by Getty. As per John Hasson: “Dem strategist photoshops Biden (badly) to make him appear younger. Safe to say Dems are worried about 2024.”

This is a bit sad. We all know what Joe Biden’s actual age is; we see him aging on our screens each day. It's impossible to make it better or fix his looks with a poor Photoshop rendition. And, by the way, he still looks old. However, this is what they think of us, the American public. They believe they can fool people with this kind of trick, which is just so nice and charming. It is a sign that they have no shame. But it's very typical for Joe Biden, with whom everything is a lie or a fake. It also indicates that they realize his age is a major issue for the future, or they wouldn't go to the trouble of trying to conceal it.

They were criticized by the Special Advisor for Communications for Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX), Steve Guest. “Embarrassing. Democrats know that Biden has HUGE liabilities. Doing things like this is pathetic.”

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