Tucker Carlson Is Brutally Honest About Ronna McDaniel and the Future Direction of the Republican Party at AmFest

Tucker Carlson took the stage at Turning Point USA's AmFest on Saturday, and he stuck right to the issues concerning GOP strategy (or the lack of it).

Carlson made use of the opportunity to talk about topics such as the importance of religion in American culture and why it's crucial for American youth to defend their spiritual beliefs and values. Carlson also reminded the audience of the need to become “happy warriors,” a phrase coined by the legendary journalist and conservative Andrew Breitbart in the early days of the conservative digital-media movement. “We are obligated to be happy warriors. No, I really mean that. We’re obligated.”

With all the anger and frustration flying around, it's easy to become angry and frustrated. Conservatives must keep in mind that what we do is because of our love for our country and our families, as well as our faith. We have a responsibility to present our arguments for liberty with as much joy as we can.

However, there surely is plenty of reason for anger when you look at the current situation on the right side of the aisle. Republican supporters are examining RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel to see whether she's qualified to keep her position and if she has performed her job well—that is, by winning elections.

Carlson, always the straight shooter, referred to RedState Managing Editor Jennifer Van Laar's explosive bombshell report on the chair's expenses while in the top position of the Republican National Committee (RNC). He addressed the question that a lot of us are currently asking: What is the RNC doing to help win elections in the future? The Fox News celebrity rightly pointed out that what they're not doing is spending the hard-earned cash of donors to ensure victory in elections.

“You’re catering things and buying Lululemon workout gear with political contributions and you are losing elections. No!”

Carlson was speaking of Van Laar's investigation, which revealed that McDaniel had spent around $5,000 of donations on Lululemon fitness gear, considered to be a high-end workout brand.

At the moment, it appears it will be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for McDaniel to withstand the challenge of constitutional attorney Harmeet Dhillon and continue to enjoy the backing of members of the Republican base. McDaniel is burned out, for all intents and purposes. The most dignified way to deal with it is to present her resignation (as she said she would) in order to allow the RNC to proceed with a new plan.

There's no time to lose. Republicans can't afford to put ego over winning. Make changes and adapt, or surrender control of the keys to the kingdom—and maybe even the keys to Ronna McDaniel's wardrobe filled with Swarovski items.

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