Kari Lake Rouses the AmFest Audience for a Second Time After the Announcement That Her Lawsuit for Election Integrity Will Go to Trial

AmFest 2022 founder Charlie Kirk invited Kari Lake to return to the event following the announcement that a Maricopa County judge had ordered a two-day trial for Lake’s lawsuit—after the Arizona gubernatorial election results declared contestant Katie Hobbs as the winner despite the entire voting day being swamped with irregularities and problems at voting centers across the county.

Harmeet Dhillon, who quickly became an AmFest crowd favorite after being supported by Tim Pool and winning the AmFest straw poll demanding a change in the Republican National Committee’s (RNC’s) direction, finished her talk before Kari Lake took to the stage.

Lake came out to enthusiastic applause and cheers, waiting a while before launching her speech, as the crowd burst into chants of “Kari! Kari! Kari!”

They quieted down so that Lake could go on.

“Hey, Guys, guess what? Christmas came early, yesterday! We are going to trial! This is so historic, and you know what? I couldn’t have done it without you.”

In her speech on Monday, Lake had asked for prayers for all aspects of the lawsuit, including for the judge who was reviewing the legal documents and making a decision.

“Yesterday, we got great news—we’re taking these bastards to trial.

“And I’m so excited. You know I ran against our own version of Joe Biden here, Katie Hobbs. Basement Hobbs. She ducked out on the debate, but she can’t duck out from taking the stand in our trial. She will have to take the stand. Katie Hobbs is gonna have to put her hand on the Bible and swear to tell the truth. That might be hard. That might be hard. And so is Stephen Richer, they’re going to have to swear to tell the truth. And I just want to remind them that perjury is a felony.”

The crowd burst into laughter and applause.

“So, we’re really excited. We’re really excited. We have an excellent case. Our trial begins Wednesday and goes on into Thursday. And we need you to continue to pray for our team—this is serious stuff what’s going on here. We have a chance to show the world that our elections are truly corrupt, and we won’t take it anymore. And so, we need your prayers.

“We are going to be taking the stand on trial in Mesa on Wednesday and Thursday. We still need those prayers for our team, they’re working overtime on this.

“I just want you to know, that I’m not going to stop fighting. We’re going to keep going, as I said, all the way to the Supreme Court if we have to. Because if we don’t have fair and honest elections, we have nothing in this country. Do you agree with me on that?”

The crowd cheered, registering their agreement.

“How many of you agree that election integrity, honest elections is the most important issue facing us right now?”

The audience broke out in applause to show their approval. Lake knew she was preaching to the choir.

“I just want to thank you, because I know after that debacle on November 8, that you guys have been standing firm with me in this foxhole, and I know that you won’t stop. So, thank you for your prayers, keep them coming, we will keep you posted. Let’s go on to victory. Thank you! Thank you, Turning Point.”

Her announcement lasted just under five minutes and was two hours and 14 minutes into the festivities.

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