New Polls Contradict Elon Musk’s Own Twitter Poll About His Stepping Down as CEO and Reveal That He Has Strong Support

Elon Musk, the CEO of Twitter, posted a poll on Sunday asking users whether they wanted him to resign as the chief executive of the company. Musk stated that he would remain loyal to his poll's results. It seemed clear that the “yes” votes prevailed in the poll.

Musk hasn't announced when or if he'll be stepping down as top executive, but some believe that the poll could be an indication that he's found the ideal CEO to replace him. Musk never stated that he'd manage the day-to-day operations for any length of time. He even said that the company would choose an executive after he took the reins. He laughed at a report on Tuesday, which claimed he'd been searching for a CEO for a while prior to his Twitter poll.

It's unclear whether he's discovered one. His statement that there was “no successor” in the wings who wanted to keep “Twitter alive” was concerning. Some speculated that he could be considering the son-in-law of former President Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, because Musk sat in the same box with him during the final match of the World Cup in Qatar. The choice of Kushner would certainly fill everyone on the left side of the aisle with apprehension.

However, it is possible that a HarrisX Overnight Poll might give him some new ideas. The poll, which asked if Musk should continue to be CEO, went live at 7 PM EST on December 18, an hour after Elon Musk's tweet asking whether or not he should stay on or step down as Twitter CEO, and was pulled at 3 PM EST on December 19.

The survey found that the majority agreed with him staying on as CEO. Fifty-four percent of Americans agreed that he should continue on as Twitter’s CEO from the polling of 1,028 people. This number increased even more when they surveyed Twitter users. The majority of respondents, 61 percent, agreed that he should stay, with 39 percent suggesting the time was right for him to step down.

This is a real, scientific poll and not a Twitter poll. Elon Musk responded, saying that he was of the opinion that his poll on Twitter might have been affected by bots. He didn't say if these factors would influence his decision.

Another Harvard-Harris poll gives Musk even more support and also stresses the importance in the public's eyes of the revelations in the “Twitter Files.” The liberal media and others on the left are promoting the myth that the findings in the “Twitter Files” are “nothing burgers.”

However, according to the poll, which was conducted between December 14 and 15, Americans proved that they are taking part in the conversations and that the releases haven’t been “nothing burgers” to them. They have delivered a scathing rebuke of past Twitter behavior.

Sixty-four percent believed that Twitter was involved in political censorship prior to the last presidential election. Sixty-four percent also believed that Twitter had been secretly shadow-banning some users to make sure their tweets weren't seen by others. Sixty-one percent of respondents thought that the decision to remove tweets about the Hunter Biden laptop story was motivated by an ideological bias. A plurality of 48 percent believed Twitter executives during the last presidential election were trying to assist Joe Biden.

The majority of respondents, 69 percent, believed that Twitter executives collaborated with officials from the government to remove tweets that questioned COVID policies. A majority, 68 percent, considered this an infraction that violated the First Amendment. Seventy-four percent of respondents believed that in the event that Twitter collaborated with government officials to restrict Americans, it was a violation of the First Amendment and that Twitter executives ought to be prosecuted criminally.

Sixty-one percent of respondents believed Elon Musk was working to cleanse Twitter of these infractions. These numbers in support of Musk seem to be in line with the results found by the HarrisX Overnight Poll. The majority of respondents, 57 percent, believed that advertisers should continue to collaborate with Twitter. The revelations in the Twitter documents need to be investigated more deeply by Congress and the FBI, according to 67 percent of respondents.

Only 40 percent believed that the mainstream media was impartial and fair. Sixty-four percent of respondents believed that mainstream media attempted to practice political control and censorship.

If Musk is planning on going along with polls for his decisions, these results are more representative than his previous Twitter poll regarding his stepping down. He might want to take these to heart, as they show that most users support him and what he is trying to achieve.

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