Apparently Sensing That Its Report Would Be Upstaged, the January 6 Committee Failed to Release It as Scheduled on Wednesday

The January 6 Committee was supposed to release its big report on Wednesday, after dropping a summary executive report on Monday.

As with everything else related to this committee, they did not succeed in releasing their report on Wednesday, just as they failed in their fight against Republicans and also in their attempts to gain the attention of Americans during the process. Why?

According to Kyle Cheney in his tweet: “Pileup of Zelensky visit and omnibus risked overshadowing the report release, and was taking up most of Congress' bandwidth today, it seems.”

How could Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky derail this crucial defense of democracy by the January 6 Committee?! What a travesty!

It's a typical occurrence for this committee. They didn't think they'd receive their deserved attention due to all the other stuff that was happening, which is why they put the issue off. They were probably simmering that Zelensky had overshadowed them. And then there was the House Republicans’ report that also preempted theirs and pointed a finger at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not being truthful about her participation in the security plans at the Capitol on January 6, 2021, and for the deficiency in security on that day. This must have caused them to have a real rage. Show trials are unsuccessful when they don’t get any attention, and that's the main issue facing the Democrats in all of this.

Even if they decide to release it on Thursday, the amount of attention it will attract right before Christmas will likely be insignificant, as the majority of Americans have moved past this partisan witch hunt.

What does all this say about their efforts and the significance of their work? This isn't about urgency or law, it's about the presentation and drama that Democrats use to get their political points across. If what was in the committee’s report was truly vital, why would they wait? However, everything the committee has done from the beginning has been staged with the purpose of gaining political power.

No worries, January 6 Committee: you can make your report public whenever you choose, and most of the public will choose to ignore it regardless of its claims.

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