How the University of Florida’s Faculty Is Working Together to Save “Black Folx” from Extinction

Are black Americans at risk of becoming extinct? This appears to be the argument of an anti-racist group at the University of Florida.

In 2020, the school faculty joined forces to host “antiracism training.” They called it “Academics for Black Survival and Wellness.” According to its official website,, the association aims toward “healing for black folx, accountability for non-Black folx.”

The formal description follows:

“Academics for Black Survival and Wellness (A4BL) is a personal and professional development initiative for Non-Black academics to honor the toll of racial trauma on Black people, resist anti-Blackness and white supremacy, and facilitate accountability and collective action.”

In addition, it's a safe area:

“A4BL also is a space for healing and wellness for Black people.”

Two years ago, black Americans were killed at the hands of white people at an inexcusably high rate. The founders were fed up:

“A4BL was launched in the Summer of 2020 on Juneteenth in response to the countless murders of Black people at the hands of white supremacy.”

Things got off to an incredible start:

“The initiative began as a week-long initiative and call to action for academics to support and be accountable to Black liberation. With over 10,000 participants from across the world, the initiative provided Non-Black participants with training materials to make actionable change to address anti-Black racism in their personal lives and academia. Black participants were provided with virtual community wellness events to build their coping and resistance toolkit.”

In this regard, A4BL hosts events. On June 10, there was a sponsored screening of the horror film Master, which is “almost too true about surviving and not surviving the microaggressions and violence from the institutional racism of the ivory tower.”

A panel discussion followed the screening, with “counseling and clinical psychologists, about the racial trauma and institutional racism Black folks experience while navigating Academia.”

To celebrate Christmas, A4BL has issued a guide titled “Making Holiday Conversations Bright.” According to the pamphlet, there are four key elements to keep your conversations “Black-Liberation Focused”:

  1. All Black people are worthy of wellness.
  2. Remember that Black liberation is about getting free from all forms of oppression and being free to experience holistic wellness, dignity, and thriving.
  3. Consider multiple aspects of Black wellness.
  4. Keep Black folx at the center of the conversation.

This directive demands “radical systemic change” and that practitioners stay on the right course of action:

“Because anti-Black racism is systemic, we encourage you to be diligent about maintaining a system-level (rather than anecdotal) frame for the conversation.”

The guide offers examples of “Black people who experience multiple forms of oppression”—”Black disabled, elderly, transgender, and/or unemployed folx.”

A4BL is working hard “for Black folx”; under a tab that bears the same label, various workshops are listed:

  • An Ode to the Ancestors
  • Existence is Resistance
  • Self-Care for Survival
  • Black-Owned Healing
  • BAE
  • My Price Just Went Up
  • Silence Will Not Save You

In the case of “Black-Owned Healing,” one section is called “Twerk the Stress Away.”

Its “antiracist” goals certainly aren't uncommon in the field of education: “State University Seeks Professor of ‘Structural Racism, Oppression, and Black Political Experiences’,” “Tufts University Hosts ‘Unpacking Whiteness’ Program, Declares the ‘Game Is Rigged’,” “Tennessee University Segregates Students for ‘Antiracism’ Training, Hails the Absence of White People as ‘Magical’,” “Extremely White College Professor Fights the Lie — and ‘Disease’ — of Whiteness,” “‘Exhausted’ and Trauma-Torn TikTok Teacher Tells White People to Stop Making the World Unsafe,” “Professor Prescribes ‘Reregulation’ to Help White People Stop Their Racist Violence.”

From all of the above, it is clear that the nation is in the process of repair. A popular method of improving America is to break it up. The people in power have clearly determined that our years of growing racial harmony were wasted. The new norm is segregation, and not just in areas of race; it appears likely that the oppressors being fought by those who are most progressive are viewed as conservatives.

However, togetherness is occurring at the University of Florida amid efforts to save the university’s “Black folx” from extinction: Of all the professors featured on the Academics for Black Survival and Wellness website, most aren't black.

Perhaps we'll achieve unity in the end.

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