As Congress Cheers the Bloated $1.7-Trillion Omnibus Bill, the Federal Government Fails to Pay the National Guard on Time

On Wednesday, the US government gathered together to celebrate the fact that it had spent another $45 billion in taxpayer money to fund the conflict in Ukraine. The glitz and glamor, regardless of one’s opinion of whether the cause is worth the money, were stomach-turning.

You'd think House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) had just personally freed Crimea when she kissed Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky as she held up the Ukrainian flag on the House floor. What an incredible hero! Spending other people’s money and taking the credit while Americans are struggling to meet the costs of their essential needs. The politicians in Washington live on a different planet.

This was reiterated after the Senate and the House passed the $1.7-trillion omnibus bill on Thursday and Friday, which included the new appropriation for Ukraine. While the top brass congratulated each other, including Senator Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) video detailing the reasons they voted for the bill, National Guard troops were left out in the frigid cold.

As per the Post Millennial, which received a letter describing the situation, there's a delay in the payment of these troops that originates from the federal government:

“‘You are probably already tracking there are pay issues. Many soldiers were due pay today. They received LES but did not receive funds.’ An LES, or a Leave and Earning Statement, is simply a pay stub, but it was not accompanied by funds.

“The letter revealed that this is a ‘nationwide’ issue, and that this issue ‘seems to be at DFAS [Defense Finance and Accounting Service] and is related to the CR.’

“‘NGB [National Guard Bureau] is currently working the issue with DFAS time now,’ the letter added, stating that ‘we would hope the issue is rectified today or tomorrow.’

“‘This is unfortunate and can cause serious issues and aggravation across the formation which are understandable. Especially 2 days before Christmas,’ the letter stated. ‘I think the messaging is important that it’s understood the issues are at the highest levels and that everyone in the Division and State are pushing for immediate resolution.’”

This is likely to have occurred because of the timing of the previous continuing resolution (CR) expiring. Since President Joe Biden has not signed the omnibus bill that was recently passed by Congress, the paychecks have been delayed. Even if he signs it on Saturday, because Christmas falls on the weekend, direct deposits won't be processed until the following working day.

Our government is ineffective and unable to follow the rules of the game; they undermined the National Guard just before Christmas. They probably didn't even realize their error. The incident wouldn't have occurred had Congress complied with its deadline in September to pass a budget, as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) pointed out recently. Instead, we've seen this latest installment of Kabuki theater, where we pretend that we were required to pass an enormous $1.7-trillion boondoggle that nobody bothered to read before Congress left town.

While doing this, the elites put on spectacular, self-aggrandizing spectacles. Why is there so much discontent and disdain towards our federal authorities? They make a lot of money while not fulfilling their basic duties, and they want you, the American citizen whom they supposedly represent, to be grateful. Our government is absurd.

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