Prince Andrew Booted Out of Buckingham Palace by His Brother, King Charles, as the Epstein Scandal Lingers on

The Jeffrey Epstein saga lives on, even if the disgraced financier himself doesn’t after meeting his maker in a suspicious suicide in 2019. Newly crowned King Charles III has tossed out his younger brother, Prince Andrew, and banned him from all aspects of the royal household following the prince's involvement in the sex scandal.

The Daily Mail, always on top of the latest royal news, wrote:

“The Duke of York was told to no longer use Buckingham Palace as an office space, effectively severing his final tie to his old life as a working royal, according to a new report in The Sun.

“‘Any presence at the Palace is officially over,’ a source was quoted as saying. ‘The King has made it clear. He isn’t a working royal. He’s on his own.’”

Prince Andrew previously removed himself from the public sphere three years ago after an embarrassing BBC interview. But now the 62-year-old will no longer be able to use the palace address for any future correspondence. The staff of his small office will be seeking out job opportunities. He will also lose any remaining titles, such as that of colonel of the Grenadier Guards, which he inherited from his father, Prince Philip. He will also lose his armed-guard security and instead have private security equipped with only tasers.

The past few months have seen quite a downfall in the royal's life. In the wake of the Epstein scandal being exposed, images of Andrew in the sex-trafficker's presence began to surface. One photo in particular was a major blow to him—the now famous photo of him posing with his arms around 17-year-old Virginia Giuffre. Giuffre claimed that she had sexual relations with Prince Andrew numerous times at the direction of Epstein and finally filed a lawsuit against the prince. The case was settled in February for an estimated $12 million, but estimates vary.

This is where things get really odd. The Mail wrote: “Andrew is set to join King Charles and other high-ranking royals for Christmas dinner at Sandringham tomorrow.” How awkward would that dinner be?!

Epstein can be described as a lingering illness; just when you think you've gotten over the scandal, it comes back to haunt you. His accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell, is in a Florida federal prison, serving 20 years for her part in their crimes. Former President Bill Clinton's name has been repeatedly mentioned. And Prince Andrew is no longer employed and has been exiled from his home by his family.

I'm sure that many Americans would rather not be concerned about this royal clan, but this has been a fascinating year for the royal family with the death of Queen Elizabeth II, The Crown releasing a controversial sixth season, as well as Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, producing a documentary—or mockumentary, according to the opinions of many—for Netflix about the terrible challenges of being an heir to the throne. (It’s easy to guess the opinions of many about the documentary.)

Many people have paid a price for the pranks of Epstein, including Epstein himself, Ghislaine Maxwell, and currently Prince Andrew – and obviously their victims. (All but the victims were liable for punishment.) But who among the guilty hasn't yet faced the consequences? The other powerful figures about whom we’ve heard who protected Epstein and traveled to that island of his, riding the Lolita Express and possibly living out their own crazy fantasies.

Prince Andrew may have received the reward he was due; however, you can bet that there are lots of other people who have not. They'll probably never get it.

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