You’re Close to Its True Meaning When Christmas Just Doesn’t Feel Like Christmas

Many positive sentiments float around during Christmastime. The ads in the media include photos of joyful families, warm fireplaces, and big red bows on brand-new automobiles that are incredibly expensive. Even the disgusting creatures of the swamp in our capital can send warm messages with seasonal greetings.

Celebrations are all over the place. ‘Tis the season, after all.

But what happens if you're not feeling like celebrating? Are you sad? Mourning? Angry? Does it really mean Christmas when you don't feel happy?

The commercialization of the holiday season can make it easy to forget the reason we have Christmas in the first place. The origin of “Christmas” is “Christ,” obviously. It is the time we've chosen to honor and be thankful for the most precious of gifts: God made a man, who came to us as a newborn to be with us in this world full of evil. This man, who was eventually crucified, was a gift. His being raised from the dead was another gift. He is now preparing a lavish home for us to be with Him in one day—another gift.

He offers refuge when we're alone or grieving. He is the step up when we're feeling down. He brings peace in the midst of chaos. He is calm even when everything appears to be insane. He was born into a broken world to help people who are broken. The baby we honor was not born in comfort or peace. His birth story is tragic. The place of his birth was lowly, especially for a king. While we are busy preparing dinners and completing last-minute shopping, we often forget just how important this day is. The celebration that began at His birth wasn't held with comfort but hope.

God came down so low that He walked in our footsteps. That's the real meaning of Christmas.

If you're feeling down or lonely, you're in the midst of the spirit of Christmas. You’re experiencing Christmas more deeply than those perfectly happy families in those beautiful pictures. You're lying in the dirt and straw in that stable, next to the one who can help you. It's impossible to be closer to Christmas.

When it does not feel like Christmas, that’s the closest to Christmas you will ever get.

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