January 6 Committee Member Rep. Raskin Targets the Constitution’s Bedrock, the Electoral College, as a Danger to Democracy

Congressional members swear to uphold the Constitution. As part of the January 6 Committee, Democratic members of Congress declared the riot an “attack on democracy” and attempted to denigrate any Republicans who raised concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election as “attacking democracy.”

Of course, the Republicans who raised election issues or objected to the appointments of electors may have been labeled absurd by Democrats, who noted that the Constitution requires that electors be appointed. However, it was also hypocritical given that committee members such as Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) have themselves opposed accepting electors in the past, such as when he protested against accepting the electors after President Donald Trump was elected.

Democrats had been protesting elections, casting doubt on them, and refusing to accept their results for two decades, just as Raskin did in relation to the election of George W. Bush, whom he described as a “court-appointed” president. Naturally, Bush wasn't “court-appointed.” Bush won the Electoral College just as Trump did, which under the Constitution means they were both elected, regardless of how much Democrats may complain about it.

However, Jamie Raskin is now attacking the foundational pillar, the bedrock, of the Constitution: the Electoral College. He has not just said that he would like to get rid of it. He's also stated that it is “dangerous to democracy” and the American people.

“Well, I think that the Electoral College now, which has given us five popular vote losers as president in our history, twice in this century alone, has become a danger not just to democracy, but to the American people. It was a danger on January 6th, there are so many curving byways and nooks and crannies in the Electoral College, that there are opportunities for a lot of strategic mischief. We should elect the president the way we elect governors, senators, mayors, representatives, everybody else, whoever gets the most votes wins.”

He even declared it was because the framers of the Constitution “didn't have the benefit of the experience that we have lived, and we know that the Electoral College doesn't fit anymore.”

Raskin has effectively denied a fundamental part and the specific design of the Constitution and the founding principle of our nation—that we're not a “pure democracy,” where the mob has the upper hand, but that our Electoral College was created on purpose so that the states with the largest populations don't control and dictate through the federal government but that smaller states are also heard. The United States is actually a “constitutional republic,” not a pure democracy, precisely because of that.

Raskin has argued that this style of government could be dangerous for Americans. Of course, what he's referring to is that it's dangerous to the power of Democrats and their influence and that the country should be controlled by the two largely Democratic states with the greatest populations, New York and California, the liberal elites on both coasts. Democrats are doing everything they can to push “voting rights” bills that don't really concern “rights” as much as they're about making sure that there is more Democratic control. This is the main goal in the case of the Democrats: ensuring they have the power to do what they want.

So, how can Raskin defend the Constitution while he's blatantly denying an essential principle of it? Is he the “Constitution denier”?

Let's review. The Democrats, who claim that Republicans are threatening the democratic process by requesting election security and questioning the results of the 2020 presidential election, have criticized the Electoral College and want to eliminate it. They have also condemned the Supreme Court and want to remove it. Who are the ones opposing our Constitution and the foundational principles of our country? The answer is: It's not the Republicans.

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