Rep. Ted Lieu’s Take on the Latest “Twitter Files” Release Regarding COVID-19 Is Called Out for Spreading Misinformation

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) is genuinely determined to play his role as an unrepentant left-wing hack. Although he previously said that the government should not have any involvement in controlling speech by private entities, he quickly denied the claim that the FBI was doing exactly this on Twitter.

Now he's doubling down following another “Twitter Files” drop that showed government interference in the distribution of information on COVID-19. This scandalous practice was extensive, targeting medical experts and others who made factual assertions that diverged from the official White House narrative on subjects such as coronavirus vaccinations, masks, and natural immunity

In a tweet since deleted, Lieu responded to David Zweig, who published the most up-to-date “Twitter Files” episode, suggesting that he was promoting false information. In the deleted tweet, he suggested that “COVID appears to be a leading cause of death for children,” and he provided a link to a study showing this.

How stupid can one be to think that the most prevalent reason for death among children is COVID-19? This is one of the most ridiculous claims made during the whole pandemic and is not supported by one shred of evidence. Children have for the most part been immune to the disease, and the number of deaths among children from COVID does not even compare to the flu. The study to which Lieu linked that shows otherwise demonstrates that relying on what “the science” tells us can lead to catastrophe. Furthermore, the study was subsequently discredited and altered, something Elon Musk pointed out. According to Kelley’s fact check on the COVID-19 in Georgia site:

“In the CDC ACIP meeting on June 17 to discuss childhood Covid vaccines, a table was presented showing Covid was a leading cause of death in US children as part of a slide deck on the epidemiology of Covid-19 in children and adolescents by Dr. Katherine Fleming-Dutra. The source was a pre-print written by a group of academics from the UK, including Dr. Seth Flaxman and Dr. Deepti Gurdasani, who is well-known on Twitter for her strong views on Covid. I later learned that a very similar slide was also presented at the beginning of the FDA VRBPAC meeting earlier in the week, as were other slides citing this ‘top 5 cause of death’ claim.

“The slide was shared on Twitter by Dr. Katelyn Jetelina (‘Your Local Epidemiologist’), and retweeted by many influential people including Jerome Adams, Julia Raifman (tweet now deleted), Gregg Gonsalves, and Leana Wen. Only problem? It’s completely and utterly false. The pre-print it’s based on includes significant errors that invalidate the results. And the slide makes additional errors on top of the pre-print. It’s really disturbing that data this poor made its way into the meetings to discuss childhood Covid, and that it took me less than a few minutes to find a major flaw (and then I found many more as I looked deeper).”

The fact check continues to explain in depth the reasons why the initial claim of COVID-19 as a primary cause of child deaths is not true. The study (which was conducted by a team in the United Kingdom) picked out specific timeframes and did not take into account the differences between those dying from COVID and those dying with it, double-counting deaths over a cumulative 26-month period (while comparing their data to other causes of annualized deaths for the year 2019 only).

But here's the problem: There's no reason why Lieu needs to be shown this fact check. If he wasn't spreading absurdly left-wing narratives, which is what the whole “Twitter Files” saga is about, he should have been able to use common sense to realize that he was spreading falsehoods, including his assertion regarding natural immunity. There's no conclusive research that suggests that natural immunity lasts only a few months, and there's ample evidence to suggest it lasts much longer.

RedState‘s Jennifer Van Laar offered this reply: “Mine lasted for 2 years. And after the complication I had this week, I am not a candidate for the vaccine. Ever. Hard stop. I could have an anaphylactic reaction and die.”

The notion that all people, including children, are required to hurry out to get vaccinated and boosted without any hard evidence that shows they are at high risk from COVID is dangerous in and of itself. There are myriad scenarios to contemplate, and, in the final analysis, any discussion should be kept between the individual and his or her doctor. Lieu is pushing his talking points solely for political reasons and not to provide people with relevant information. He's better off staying in the lane if he's not planning to conduct the most basic research prior to making his pronouncements, even though it’s not entirely clear what that is.

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