Serial Criminal and Beneficiary of The Bail Fund’s Generosity Discharges Gun into Restaurant Employee During Attempted Robbery

A bail-reform charity, backed by celebrities, has shut down due to what appears to have been a momentous mistake.

The Bail Project—a nonprofit that has been reportedly backed by celebrities such as John Legend, Danny Glover, and Richard Branson—provides funds to ensure that the financially vulnerable can get out of prison. In the interest of social justice, the group put up a $3,000 bond in December to ensure that 24-year-old Rashawn Gaston-Anderson was freed from jail.

Six days later, Rashawn showed his appreciation by pointing a gun at an employee of a Las Vegas restaurant. Shooting once for each gesture of appreciation, he said, “Thank you” eleven times. In what's believed to be a robbery attempt, seven of the rounds critically entered Shanghai Taste’s employee Chengyan Wang, who had stayed in the restaurant late to complete his regular deep cleaning.

It appears that Chengyan doesn't appreciate The Bail Project's kindness towards his potential killer. So, according to Southern Nevada's KLAS, Chengyan has decided to take The Bail Project to court:

“The victim…filed a lawsuit against Gaston-Anderson, the shopping plaza where the near-fatal shooting occurred, and The Bail Project in September. The lawsuit refers to Gaston-Anderson’s criminal history and how still, The Bail Project posted his bond.”

As reported by the New York Post, Rashawn's route to attempted murder wasn't easy:

“In 2018, he pleaded guilty to attempted grand larceny in Las Vegas and was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

“The following year, he was convicted of felony burglary in New York, and in 2021 he was convicted of auto theft in Illinois, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson told the news outlet.

“In November 2021, he also was arrested for pandering and carrying a concealed weapon, 8 NewsNow reported.

“He reportedly was released without bail and ordered to stay out of trouble.

“However, he was arrested again the following day on burglary and theft charges.”

The Bail Project then stepped in. Such stepping in has become more and more celebrated: “Kamala Harris Backed Bail Fund Released Man Now Charged With Murder, Again,” “Texas Police Officer Killed By Suspects Who Were Released On Low Bail,” “NYC Mayor Adams Rips Bail Laws After Bat Attacker Quickly Sprung From Jail,” “California County Re-Arrested 70 Percent of Criminals Released Under Ridiculous Criminal Justice Policy,” “WATCH: Kamala Harris Blatantly Lies About Her Promotion of Fund That Paid Bail of Violent Criminals,” “Bill de Blasio Triumphs: New York Jails Are Their Emptiest Since 1946, and the City’s ‘Safer for It and Better for It’.” 

Returning to the lawsuit; MSN provides the specifics:

“Having suffered permanent consequences from the incident, Wang is now suing The Bail Project for more than $15,000 in damages. He is also suing Shanghai Plaza owner U.S. Hui De Real Estate Investment Corp., as well as Gaston-Anderson himself, each for the same amount.”

The Bail Project has since stopped its Las Vegas operations.

But: “In a statement to Deadline, [the organization] denied that its Las Vegas closure was related to Wang’s suit. Instead, the move was reportedly part of an ‘ongoing recalibration’ that occurred earlier this month.”

According to its website, The Bail Project is based on the notion that a legal system should not be used to criminalize “race and poverty.”

It's a good idea. However, there is a different but equally sensible idea, which has seemingly lost much of its support: Some people who have been placed in jail should be in jail.

On November 11, Rashawn pleaded guilty to the crimes of felony mayhem and attempted robbery with a weapon. He was sentenced to seven to eighteen years in prison.

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