Twitter CEO Musk Stresses the Seriousness of the Government’s Censorship on All Social Media and Tech Platforms, Not Just Twitter

Twitter's head, Elon Musk, had a few more remarks to make on Tuesday regarding the scope of the government's censorship on Twitter and other platforms.

The last “Twitter Files” revealed the pressure the Biden administration placed on Twitter to silence some people on its platform in relation to COVID discussions. It becomes a constitutional issue when the government censors speech. It's no longer a simple discussion of Twitter as a privately owned business acting at the direction of or according to demands from the government.

However, the state didn’t apply pressure on Twitter alone.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out the ways that, because of his “crime” of working on uncovering how this censorship affected virtually every major tech company, the left has been attacking journalist Matt Taibbi, calling him mentally ill for stating that the censorship has disturbed him.

The left prefers to attack the messenger and then deflect from the message. They don't want the majority of Americans to realize how widespread the censorship has been and how much the government is involved.

The government was continuously in contact with not only Twitter but almost every major tech company, Musk revealed.

“Most people don't appreciate the significance of the point Matt was making,” Musk declared. “*Every* social media company is engaged in heavy censorship, with significant involvement of and, at times, explicit direction of the government. Google frequently makes links disappear, for example.”

As Greenwald observed, it wasn't simply that they were on board with the Democratic narrative being promoted; tech companies were forced to sign a statement of agreement—or else be punished for non-compliance, with the DHS/FBI/CIA likely to get involved in the tension.

However, now that the ball has dropped and the curtain has been drawn, action has to be taken to ensure that this doesn't get any worse. We can see through Musk's takeover of Twitter how one individual can be an agent for change if they're dedicated to it. This shouldn't be a matter of politics (although it is, of course). Every person should be opposed to such practices, and there are all sorts of concerns about constitutional violations that are involved in these actions. 

Another empty Congressional investigation without results won't make a difference. The GOP could gain respect from its electorate by conducting an effective investigation and taking action.

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