RedBalloon CEO Andrew Crapuchettes Shares His Own Experience with Today’s Woke Workforce and How It Led to a Better Alternative

“Go Woke, Go Broke” is the byword of 2022. From the underwear fashion company Victoria's Secret to supposedly upstart media companies such as Buzzfeed and The Recount, the whole leftist agenda is neither business-minded nor profitable. Yet, businesses continue to slip down that rabbit hole and then target those who do not follow their lead.

Andrew Crapuchettes recently shared his story about how he created an IT company from the ground up, then grew it to become a 50-million-dollar market leader. However, because his board of directors decided that his traditional Christian values did not fit the company's culture, they dismissed him.

No joke.

Why would he laugh about it? Because he was the founder and CEO of the company, they likely had to pay him a large sum of money to show him the door.

However, Crapuchettes also had an epiphany that did not help his situation, as he explained to RedState during AmFest 2022:

“So, I was the CEO of a 50 million dollar tech company, about a year and a half ago. And my board decided I was too conservative a Christian for their liking,” he affirmed.

“So, I found myself delightfully unemployed, and thought, if this happened to me, I wonder if it is happening to others in the labor force, right?”

Uh… yeah. The last couple of years saw many searching through the wreckage left by lost careers, broken lives, and tattered dreams because CEOs believed that a fake virus and a vaccine mandate were more important than real people and their resources. Check out Southwest Airlines during this holiday week. It is paying for certain ill-conceived policies that resulted in the firing of employees who were not vaccinated—and so are the poor Americans stuck in airports. Other businesses have seen their smart decisions backfire on them, and they've been too blind to acknowledge their mistakes.

“You think how gut wrenching it is when you think, ‘If I don’t compromise my values, I can’t feed my kids,’ right?” Crapuchettes continued.

“That’s what a lot of people went through, whether it was the vaccine mandates [or something else]. But there’s a lot of other situations in this Woke ideology in the workplace, where people have to either compromise their values or lose their job. And so, I thought, there’s got to be a better way. That’s why I created It is a labor exchange for the freedom economy. Think of it as job matchmaking for conservatives.”

Crapuchettes created RedBalloon in 2021 in order to connect like-minded businesses with Americans who want the liberty to work without violations of their Constitutional rights and privacy regarding medical treatments and without concerns about discrimination against those with personal beliefs that aren't aligned with the current traditional beliefs.

The employer must sign and comply with an Employee Bill of Rights, which, in essence, affirms the above while also emphasizing the employee's obligation to the business. This type of partnership rewrites the traditional model of simply punching a clock and builds a more encompassing working relationship that is based on respect, investment, and working alongside the employer instead of for the employer.

If one of your new year's plans is a new job or you're struggling to find an environment that is saner than that of your current job, take a look at RedBalloon. It offers a variety of jobs, from blue-collar positions to tech workers and even executive-level posts. Crapuchettes proudly announced that “Louder with Crowder” just hired a new showrunner (producer) through RedBalloon.RedState had a fantastic chat with Andrew Crapuchettes and shared more than a little laughter with him. Perhaps they were a bit snarky as the interview was held late in the evening, or maybe discussing freedom in a person’s life can create that effect. Check it out.

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