Texas Governor Abbott’s Inexpensive but Effective Strategy to Curb the Influx of Illegal Immigrants on the Southern Border

The Biden administration isn't doing much to end the immigration crisis, which leaves Texas Governor Greg Abbott to take action himself. Abbott is often forced to deal with two issues: the frequent wave of illegal immigrants and the Biden administration, which is trying to tie his hands behind his back.

Yet Abbott continues to implement innovative methods to deter illegal migrants, and his most recent one has proved to be quite effective.

In a tweet that included a link to Fox San Antonio, Abbott announced that the state was placing shipping containers along the U.S.-Mexico border located in El Paso. When combined with the razor wire of the National Guard's border fence, illegal immigration has decreased significantly.

It's not the first time that this technique of making a barrier along the border has been used. Arizona did something similar at its border. These containers are to be removed within a short time, thanks to the Biden administration's threat of legal action against outgoing Governor Doug Ducey.

It's highly unlikely that Abbott, who was recently reelected, will back down from the Biden administration's threats, and Abbott will likely keep the temporary border wall up for however long he can.

Meanwhile, Abbott's decision to transport illegal migrants on buses across left-wing America has been extremely successful in exposing the Democrats for their hypocrisy when it comes to illegal immigration. Abbott has been the sole culprit in causing an uproar in the northern regions of the United States, and the reaction has been awe-inspiring. New York Mayor Eric Adams was the first to declare a state of emergency regarding Abbott's migrant buses; however, Abbott has declared that he won't stop.

“Sanctuary cities like New York City experience a FRACTION of what Texas border communities face every day,” Abbott tweeted. “We'll continue busing migrants to NYC, DC, & Chicago to relieve our overwhelmed border towns until Biden does his job to secure the border.”

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