While Lying About Border Security, DHS Secretary Released 1,363 Illegal Alien Convicts into US Communities over Three Months

Other than possibly Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, who continue to undermine the U.S. Armed Forces, President Joe Biden and the DHS (Department of Homeland Security) head, Alejandro Mayorkas, comprise the most harmful duo in the current administration—with Attorney General Merrick Garland and Secretary of State Antony Blinken rounding out the top four.

While the Biden border crisis accelerates towards catastrophe with thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens continuing to travel across the southern border, the most recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data shows that from October to December 18, Biden's DHS released 1,363 illegal alien convicts into American communities, as well as nearly 1,800 illegals facing pending criminal charges.

For those who keep score, this is not even three months.

According to Breitbart, of those illegal alien convicts released from DHS custody, 463 were bonded out (a joke), 421 were granted orders of recognizance (another joke), 371 were given orders of supervision (ROFL), and 108 received parole (insane). Why were 108 convicted criminal illegal aliens allowed to be paroled into America rather than being promptly exiled from this nation? (See: Biden and Mayorkas)

What about the release of illegal aliens who weren't convicts?

More than 35,000 non-convict illegal immigrants were released from DHS custody into the U.S. interior over the same time period. According to Breitbart, the Department of Homeland Security appears to be increasing the number of releases, while the liar and serial fraudster Mayorkas persists in claiming that the border is “secure.”

Although Biden and Mayorkas can continue to fudge about their “secure border” not being “open” all they want, they continue to be full-metal crickets regarding the tens of thousands of illegal immigrants whom they are continuing to let into American communities.

Is it a good time to declare that both traitors ought to be impeached, charged, found guilty, and sentenced to prison? Would that be hyperbolic?

R.J. Hauman, with the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), is of the opinion that the Biden administration could be in violation of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) by allowing the mass transfer of illegal alien convicts from DHS detention into American communities.

“The Attorney General may release an alien described in paragraph (1) only if the Attorney General decides pursuant to section 3521 of title 18 that release of the alien from custody is necessary to provide protection to a witness, a potential witness, a person cooperating with an investigation into major criminal activity, or an immediate family member or close associate of a witness, potential witness, or person cooperating with such an investigation, and the alien satisfies the Attorney General that the alien will not pose a danger to the safety of other persons or of property and is likely to appear for any scheduled proceeding. A decision relating to such release shall take place in accordance with a procedure that considers the severity of the offense committed by the alien.”

Reread that – at least once. There's no doubt that the Biden administration continues to violate the INA. (Merrick Garland was not available for comment.)

Hauman told Breitbart:

“The law explicitly requires that those who cross the border illegally be detained, but the Biden administration clearly doesn’t want to detain or deport anyone. So it isn’t surprising that they are attempting to undermine the rule of law by not only cutting overall detention capacity but illegally releasing criminal aliens as well. Public safety is under attack to advance their open borders agenda.”

Merriam-Webster defines “treason” in part as “the betrayal of trust.” Does it seem absurd to think that American citizens ought to be confident in their government to shield them from dangers posed by illegal aliens who have been found guilty of crimes? Of course not.

But Biden and the Democratic Party have been fixated for the last two years on convicting former President Donald Trump and the protestors who foolishly breached the U.S. Capitol Building of “insurrection.”

The Bottom Line: The Biden administration is a clear example of the most dangerous organization in America.

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