Book Claims Kamala Harris Creates Toxic Work Environment

A new book “The Fight of His Life” examines the struggles that plagued Joe Biden during his disastrous first two years as president; however, it also reveals the deep anxieties that are a part of vice president Kamala Harris which have caused her shockingly inadequate performance. 

The Washington Examiner obtained excerpts from the book, written by journalist Chris Whipple and set for release on 17 January. The book's authors write:

An aide from the past claimed that Harris was involved in “really unnecessary gamesmanship” with staff members, behavior that the person explained as a result of “deep, deep insecurity” …

The employee, who worked for many years for Harris, said she “refused to take on the type of pre-planning you have to be doing prior to going public regarding a serious policy issue. Then she was angry and angry when things didn't go as she believed they ought to. It was all mystical thinking.”

RedState's SisterToldjah has reported on the other revelations in the book, pointing out the fact that Joe Biden realized his mistake when he picked his VP shortly into his term and Nick Arama brought you the tale of how Biden's fear regarding the Secret Service runs deep. Arama on Saturday also outlined Harris’s utter incompetence as a “border czar,” a title she has despite not ever having been to the border. 

The book continues to mention that Harris's management problems are not new and afflicted her in her time as the attorney general of California. An ex-staffer divulges the truth, as well as denying the endless accusations of racism and misogyny on behalf of the vice-president:

“I think it's beneficial for people to be aware that this isn't something new and will hinder any administration that she's the leader of. …”

The person in question denied that former aides who criticized Harris were focusing on her due to her gender or race. “When somebody brings up the issue of Kamala everyone says they don't want to witness black women achieve. This is completely wrong. Everybody who works for Kamala is, in essence, eager to see her achieve success. This is why you accept these positions,” she said.

Gil Duran, another former staffer has said she was a victim of “dysfunction” as attorney general and said she was difficult to control:

The level of anxiety she created from managing her workload and having to take all her stress on staff members — typically women or those who weren't in high posturing was unbearable.

It’s no surprise Harris has been hit by a high rate of staff turnover. This is evident when numerous top aides left in the initial 18 months of her administration which included the chief of staff, director of communications as well as press secretary. 

Kamala Harris has been a very incompetent vice-president, and one has to wonder whether she'll be on the ballot when Clueless Joe chooses to run for president again in 2024. The word-salads she makes are famous and her childlike laughter is what makes her look utterly snarky.

It's possible to forgive her individual flaws if she did have any achievements as VP, however her track record in the area of border security alone will be a reason to exclude her from any future high-ranking posts in the government. Finding out that she's unpleasant to be around is the final nail on the coffin of her public image. The most obvious conclusion is that Biden's emphasis on image over competence has resulted in an array of incompetent employees within his administration.

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