GOP Governor Ditches Requirements for Most Government Jobs

What exactly does the college diploma mean? The answer, according to the experts, is “less and less.”

In Utah, they're devaluing it further: The previously famous piece of paper isn't required for the majority of government positions.

On December 13, the Office of Governor Spencer. J. Cox issued a press release that outlined a novel strategy:

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox announced the state's efforts to remove the necessity for bachelor's degrees for its recruitment of employees. He also emphasized the same support from local governments as well as private companies.

“Degrees have become a blanketed barrier-to-entry in too many jobs,” Gov. Cox stated. “Instead of focusing solely on evidenced competency, the emphasis too often was on an article of paper. We're changing this.”

With the help of modern efforts, 98 percent of jobs in the executive department of Utah — which is 1,058 positions — no longer require the completion of a degree.

Instead, hiring committees and managers consider similar experience to education qualifications at each phase of the process of evaluation and recruitment.

Gov. Cox stated that removing bachelor's degree requirements will expand the pool of qualified workers and increase employment opportunities to attract diverse applicants, which includes underrepresented groups. This could lead to greater employment opportunities for people living in rural areas, increased opportunities for those who return to work after a lengthy absence via The state's Returnship Program and more apprenticeship opportunities as well as other training opportunities on the job that are provided through the Department of Workforce Services. 

There are several factors that could lead to the need to end degree mandates. One of them is that there was an era in America where, as it was thought, students with the highest grades attended the college of their choice. Today, every Tom, Dick and dummy appears to be attending. Therefore, a degree hardly signifies a difference from the bourgeoisie who is less intelligent.

Beyond this, universities have altered their products — in a transparent manner. Secondary education no longer serve as a method to allow young adults to develop their skills and minds to be challenged by their beliefs and discover new perspectives.

In the light of numerous stories, the current goal of the academy is simply ethical:

“New York Private University Is hiring, but only if you don't pledge your loyalty to Social Justice”

“The President of the University sends a letter announcing the school's top priority in the area of Equity and Justice for All.”

“Host of the School's Free Speech Event Issues Language Guide that prohibits ‘Man, Woman,' and Mother's”

“University Schools Students on the importance of free Speech (and on the importance of reporting the People who use it”

“Minnesota College Requires Monthly ‘Antiracism Staff Training Distinguished by race”

“University's “21-Day Challenge to Anti Racism” Students in the schools discuss “How White People Got Made'”

“Professor slams the evil of Writing Rules Professor slaps White Supremacy with Failing Grades”

“Arizona State University Dean Pens 350+ pages of book on the Way Writing Grading Is Handled White Supremacy”

“University hosts an Workshop on Pain Management for Transgender Breast-Binding”

“Ivy League University Will Give Transgender Students “Tucking Tape'”

To be crystal clear, Utah isn't the only state that is rethinking the requirements for college degrees.

From the Campus Reform:

Utah followed in the steps of Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, announcing in March “the launch of a multi-pronged, first-in-the-nation workforce development initiative to formally eliminate the four-year college degree requirement from thousands of state jobs.”

In Utah's news release, which was released with praise, the Republican governor “affirmed both his support for those who choose a degree-seeking route and his commitment to Utah's world-class colleges and universities.” But he “emphasized that a degree should not be the only way to get a good paying job or have a fulfilling career.”

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