Kinzinger Dragged by Boebert Over Trump Subpoena

As we wrote a couple of days earlier, the Jan. 6 Committee dropped the subpoenas they were putting out for Trump to give evidence.

It was rather absurd considering they'd already presented the final version of their report. Additionally, in the new Congress, the time for their testimony will likely be over. It just makes it look to be a concept, not that they were not even thinking about anything to do with it. This was example #16,546 that “walls are closing in” on Trump in the minds of Democrats. Trump is their obsession and they won't let it go.

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) joked about the January 6 Committee on their failure.

“I'm confused. It appears that the J6 Committee withdrew @realDonaldTrump's subpoena,” she snarked. “I thought they were so close to getting him caught? I thought his detention seemed “imminent” and “inevitable?” Wasn't “the walls closing in?” Well, it's ok. Better luck next time”, children.”

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) was furious, muttering to protest the fact that this was not “over.”

“Nah Dont [sic] worry.” Kinzinger declared. “His time will come ….ain't over.”

Yes, they're going to accomplish it…this is the 16,547th time. They're so desperate and sad.

What's wrong with what the government is doing is it's absolutely wrong to make use of power to seek charges against a political adversary. Our justice system is designed for justice and to penalize crimes, not as part of a witch hunt in order to take out a specific person. This is the opposite of that which justice in the American justice system should be all about. This is all about Democrats maintaining power, regardless of the consequences.

It's also funny that Kinzinger's “time” has come. Kinzinger is “over” and done in the new Congress however, they aren't getting Trump despite every effort towards Kinzinger. Therefore, he's free to talk about Trump all he likes, but Kinzinger was unsuccessful, despite compromising himself and collaborating with the Democrats. 

But, he's still appealing to them and any liberal media company that he's hoping to land to work for in the coming year. Both him and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) are able to call one another to commiserate on the subject of losing their jobs, even though they were both hammered and rejected by more than 40 points. 

A few people on social media asked him if he had cleared out his office. They said Waffle House was hiring.

Boebert wasn't quite done playing Adam.

“Never give up the dream, I guess, Adam,” Boebert laughed at his character. “If there's a future moment when you'll be watching television, however. Keep the Kleenex close by!” she said, concluding her remarks about his tendency to cry.

Now, you'll see Adam throwing all sorts of tantrums while he's walking out of the door. It's not the best look.

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