More Questions About J6 Security Failings

The Jan. 6 Committee was a purely political exercise, the goal of which was to discredit President Donald Trump and other Republicans before the election in order to stop Trump from running for president again. Both times, the Committee was defeated, as Republicans were still in control of the House and Trump hasn't been sucked in, and they have not produced any concrete evidence against him.

However, they fell short in another manner. They were so focused on their political goals and haven't emphasized or rectified the weaknesses of security in the present. The House GOP report noted the security issues. The report also outlined how the evidence they discovered shattered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)'s narrative that she wasn't involved in security plans. The report revealed that Pelosi's staff was closely involved in the security plans.

Now, former Chief of the Capitol Police Steven Sund is declaring that the issues of security are not being taken care of. He claimed that there was a “failure” in the upper levels within the Capitol Police that left it not prepared as well as “almost two years after the events of Jan. 6, the department is not in a better place or on a readier footing.” Sund also emphasized the issues related to Pelosi.

Sund has a book due out called “Courage Under Fire,” in which he discusses his worries. “Few members of the department think there's an effective strategy to get the agency into a better place. Many officers have left the department since the beginning of January, and many believe it's only going to become worse.”

You'd think that that would be the primary concern — ensuring that the Capitol was safe for the future. However, since the Democrats have been in power, they've focused on their politics and their agenda.

He also noted that certain agencies such as that of the Capitol Police intelligence unit had an indication that there could be issues, but were unable to take appropriate action on it.

“The security and information-sharing policies and mandates put in place after September 11 failed miserably on January 6,” Sund wrote. “We failed miserably to see the apparent warning signs and the danger, like a ‘gray rhino,' charging right at us.” [….]

There was a problem at the highest levels of Capitol Police,” he stated, noting that the “biggest security failures were within my own department.”

But, Sund also pointed to the issue with Congressional leadership.

He also said that he found out in the aftermath of the attack that sergeants at-arms who were hired to assist Senate and House leadership declined an offer he made a few just days prior to the attack on Jan. 6  for the National Guard to be put on standby due to the fact that they believed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) would not allow it, as reported by the Washington Post.

The report also pointed out that flaws in the power structure of the agency, for instance, the political concerns of congressional leaders that overrule the chief's security assessment continue to exist, as per the publication.

Sund advised about the structure of command in his department which he stated had grave implications at the time of Jan. 6 “a recipe for disaster.”

He suggested a radical change in the power structure that the future leaders of Congress could let Capitol Police chiefs carry out their own security plans on their own instead of reporting to the Capitol Police Board, according to the Washington Post. 

We reported that Trump suggested his National Guard wanting to make sure that the ceremony would be “safe” and the DoD's Carol Corbin reached out to the Capitol Police and asked if they would like them, but the Capitol Police turned it down. Then, the following day, on January 4, following an intelligence briefing, Sund sought the assistance of the sergeants-at-arms to determine to grant him authority to allow members of the National Guard to assist at the Capitol and was then rejected by the Capitol Police in accordance with the Capitol Police timeline of the events.

The National Guard detailed before the incident began were those who were authorized to assist with crowd control in D.C. but not to the Capitol. The number of National Guard members was very small as well. Mayor Bowser had made it clear she did not need more troops. Why? Because after the Guard were questioned in Antifa/BLM violence, leftists were apathetic and screamed.

Sund's story, therefore, matches his account of what the GOP report concluded and that a large part of the issue was a failure that could be traced back to Pelosi at least on a certain level. There needs to be accountability on the issue, but the next Congress is also required to address the issues that remain unsolved and ensure the appropriate protection for the future.

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