School District Payed Almost Half a Million Dollars to Equity Firm

In Virginia there is an idea: make all students get exactly the same grade.

It's not going to be quick, however, they're willing to purchase it for the equivalent of half a million dollars in taxpayer money. It's reported that's what Fairfax County Public Schools paid to “equal outcomes” firm, Performance Fact.

According to the documents from journalist Asra Nomani, the school district donated $450,000 to an organization in Oakland, California whose website provides the following information:

Our Premise. Our Mission.

Every student will be taught at high levels if instruction is adapted to their requirements. What the student has learned in the past, may be something that she or he is taught well. What the student hasn't been taught well is something that she/he is not taught properly in the past. Learning by students can be described as an “effect” whose “cause” is in the effectiveness and quality of the educational methods. If we are looking to improve student outcomes, our initial step should be continuous improvement of the teaching methods, leadership techniques and organizational practices, as they are the foundations for learning for students.

What about the natural propensity for studying, AKA the individual discipline of a student? There's no reason to worry about these issues when the teaching is in line with the requirements. and Performance Fact is in the middle of a task…

Performance Fact is a company that has a mission:

Develop Capable Leaders

Improve Professional Practices

Achieve extraordinary student results

We partner with our clients to align our expertise externally with their own vision for their communities and schools. Our only commitment and “soul purpose” is supporting educators and their leaders by providing a set of strategies for strengthening schools, and to accelerate the learning process for every student … starting with thinking to action.

Do equal opportunities result in an equal chance of success? Yes, certainly in an entire group of perfect replicas. But what happens if the group includes several people? Based on Performance Fact, it would be obvious that the answer is yes.

From a slide of documents gathered from Asra Nomani:

It is the Equity Imperative. Equitable Access Equal Results

Access to opportunities and resources that ensure fair, fair and affirming opportunities and provide equal outcomes for every student, regardless. 

Maybe that's worth half a million dollars. Strangely, despite the existence of Performance Facts, there is a lack of news articles citing the carbon-copy results of every school across America. Perhaps, more funds are needed.

Naturally, the idea of equality in outcomes isn't new. It's even the foundation of Communism. As far as this kind of thing is involved it's been a shift in the country:

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It's obvious that there's a quick method of achieving the same outcome. The result isn't as good. But the opposite is a high task.

However the school district is able to decide what it likes. Maybe it's best to just offer everyone A's and keep the cost. What if it happened? Never say never:

In the meantime it is a fact in the area of achieving equity: As far as fairness is related, Fairfax County Public Schools has done better than the fair share.

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