The Numbers Show How Bad of a Job Kamala Harris Is Doing

Do you remember when Kamala Harris was assigned to be in charge of border issues? Then, the White House backed off of this claim, saying that she was in charge of what they call the “root causes” of the issue. In case we did not already know the fundamental cause: illegal aliens are drawn to the United States because it is better than their home country. This isn't rocket science and does not require a deep analysis.

The main issue hasn't been about the root cause but rather simply implementing the law, and eliminating the flow. However, the Biden team — Kamala Harris not the least, does not seem to be all that eager to do this. Kamala Harris had a hit-and-run visit to El Paso for a couple of hours at an area bordering the country in 2021, but not even close to the actual border. Joe Biden hasn't even bothered to make that trip, saying that he's got more important things to attend to. He's still not planning a trip to Canada's border. However, he is taking a vacation, this one on St. Croix.

When confronted with a recent question about the work Kamala was doing in tackling unlawful immigration, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was unable to even mention one thing. She said she didn't have anything to say regarding the work Harris was doing saying “I don't have anything to lay out specifically on what that work looks like,” she added, adding she did say that Biden “appreciated the partnership.”

“Appreciated the partnership” doing what? You can't even name any project she's working on or even what they're “partnering” on? What's wrong with that? In addition, Kamala's office didn't have anything else to say. Meaning, there's nothing going on when you're not even able to list the one thing.

What's changed since Kamala Harris was given this empty position? Now, the numbers are out, revealing just how awful it's become.

More than 4 million illegal immigrants have been spotted by the CBP in the area of the border since Harris was given her position about two years back. This is just taking into account the interactions with the CBP — and that does not even include those who are “gotaways” — the hundreds of people who have gotten through without being noticed. CBP Chief Security Agent Robert Garcia said they've had more encounters over the past three months than in the entire preceding year and this is only getting worse.

The number reached an all-time high of 2.38 million in the financial year of 2022. The CBP experienced 233,000 border interactions only in November — that's an increase of 35 percent from the number of monthly border crossings they had been receiving when she was given the post in March.

Harris hasn't listed events about illegal immigration on her schedule for six months since the June event. This is despite the fact that the situation has become increasingly dire with hundreds of homeless people in El Paso, overwhelming city services. There's also the imminent end of Title 42 on the horizon and will only make the already dire situation more severe.

The Border Patrol Union did not hide from the huge problem we've got to face because of the Biden policy — that they're not even permitted to adequately vet illegal immigrants before they are released into the community, “consequences for the American people be damned.”

We reported that because of this inability to properly process immigrants in a timely manner, it's been reported that the Biden administration is losing over 150,000 illegal immigrants they allowed into the United States. In fact, MSNBC has been exposing the White House on its lies due to how bad it's become. This is shameful.

Perhaps we can suggest telling Kamala there's a Venn diagram on the border, maybe it will entice her.

We are aware that Kamala Harris is busy wishing us a happy Kwanzaa and waving that Ukrainian flag high.

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