Gas Prices Slated to Rise Again

In the days when gas prices were soaring to their highest levels in the summer of 2012, Joe Biden tried to blame the increase on “Putin's price hike,” saying it was due to Vladimir Putin and Russia invading Ukraine. This was an absolute lie because gas prices have increased since Biden became president, months prior to the beginning of the Ukraine war. However, that did not stop Joe Biden. He didn't realize that the blame game with Putin caused him to appear less strong, as if Putin could have the power to dictate American prices, and Biden was at Putin's mercy.

However, when the prices began to fall, the Biden team began to take credit for it; however the cost of gasoline was still more expensive than it was at the time Biden began his presidency. Therefore, when the prices were increasing, Biden was unwilling to accept the blame. Instead of putting an end to the attacks on our energy sector and implementing responsible guidelines, Biden blamed gas companies for the price hikes and accused them of price gouging. Biden couldn't understand the reason why they had been “gouging” under him but not under President Donald Trump. He then began swiping away from his Strategic Petroleum Reserve so as to avoid having the prices rise too much prior to the November election. He even pleaded with the Saudis to delay the cutting of production so that it wouldn't take effect until after the election. Republicans took control of the House regardless, and since the swiping process has come to an end the prices have been rising in a few areas.

Take note as Biden is trying to persuade you the prices are far higher than they were when he first started in office, he's actually saving your “hundreds of dollars a month.”

It's like being credited for stifling the fire which you helped ignite.

What is Biden planning to do and say now prices are rising again since he hasn't changed the harmful policy he was using to face the crisis?

Gas Buddy stated that 2022 will conclude with a yearly average of $3.95 per gallon, which is the highest annual average ever that has been recorded by Patrick De Haan. However, prices are likely to increase as much as $4 once we get into the spring, and demand will increase when the weather improves. Gas Buddy stated that they had projected that the prices would fall in the event that demand declines at the end of this year; however, that will depend on many factors including the economic downturn.

“2023 will not be an easy ride for drivers. It's likely to be costly. The national average could exceed the $4 mark from the beginning of May and it could continue for the duration of the summer season for driving,” stated Patrick De Haan, the chief of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

“Basically the curveballs are appearing from all directions. The possibility of extreme volatility is likely, but they should be somewhat less pronounced in the coming year,” he added. “I don't think we've ever seen such an amount of volatility as we saw this year, and that will be a trend that likely continues to lead to wider uncertainty over fuel prices going into 2023.”

California is expected to be the worst and could be hit with $7 gas prices once more if there are further problems with refineries as they are struggling with California's rules.

What happens in the event of an actual emergency now that Joe Biden has so seriously diminished our emergency stock? It's the lowest amount in the last forty years.

Biden has harmed the security of our country through his actions as he's taking money out of the savings account to make it appear as if prices are decreasing. Biden is in a bind in the event that something really bad occurs.

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