CNN’s John King Unfortunately Misuses Damar Hamlin’s Situation to Slam Republicans Regarding the House Speaker Race

Much of the nation has been focused on two major stories this week: the condition of the Buffalo Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin and the ongoing decision to elect the next Speaker of the House. Two totally different stories, but fortunately, there was positive news in one of them—Hamlin’s—on Thursday. He was alert, talking, and interacting with relatives and his doctors. Even though he was still very ill, the positive news was that he was “neurologically intact.”

Updates subsequently revealed that Damar had written “Did we win?” when he asked about the game. The doctors replied, “Yes, Damar. You won the game of life.” It was uplifting that Damar's first thought was of his team.

However, another instance of CNN not moving away from being a political media operative involved CNN's John King, who tried to exploit what happened to Damar Hamlin to make an argument about the Republicans who are refusing to support Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). It was a sham, making use of what was happening to Hamlin to make a political argument.

“Imagine those two doctors that we just listened to who treated, and all of the people on the field who treated the Buffalo Bills player, if they said, ‘No, [I don’t want to function as a team].'”

King declared that the House holdouts “don't care.”

“They don't want that responsibility, they don't care about that responsibility, and they don't respect that responsibility,” King declared in a show of anger. King even went so far as to say that American citizens have already dismissed the Republican brand as “crazy.”

What's so bad about all this? This is a vote. Everyone has to earn it. It's not anyone’s right to hold the post. It is not McCarthy's by official or royal decree. It's shameful to criticize people for doing their job for their constituents; claiming they “don't care” or “don't respect that responsibility” is a total lie, when you have people such as Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) who believe that they're doing the best for our country and ensuring that American citizens receive the results they deserve and not just another swamp.

If CNN believed that they were on the right track to becoming more objective, they've blown it up with this move by King. This will not make anyone take CNN more seriously.

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