CNN’s Predictable Choice of Former Rep. Kinzinger as Its New Senior Political Commentator Is a Doomed Attempt to Prove It Is Nonpartisan

There's been much speculation for some time about how Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) would be spending his time after his term as a U.S. congressman was up.

It was obvious that he would be employed by CNN or MSNBC because of his determination to target Republicans who are truly conservative. Right-leaning media sources have repeatedly predicted that this would be the result based on his conduct. It was just a matter of which network would be the big loser that would continue propagating the Kinzinger absurdity.

The word is now out on which one is going to adopt his tear-filled image. It's CNN who plans to transform him into a “Senior Political Commentator.”

When did this appointment happen? It likely occurred just before he finished his term in Congress, since that parting occurred on Tuesday. How long has he been employed by the company? Was there ever any doubt of this being the final result when he made the decision to join with the Democrats to assist in their political smear campaign via the January 6 Committee? It appears that he's finally gotten the payoff that was his goal all along.

Kinzinger is likely to be portrayed as the “conservative” voice on the network, even though he's doing his best to harm and denigrate the Republican Party. We've seen it previously in other media outlets, in which they depict individuals such as the Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin as “conservative,” even when they're not.

However, should CNN Chief Executive Chris Licht have thought that this move would likely help the network become more respected or demonstrate that CNN is open to embracing “both sides,” this won't work, since the vast majority of Republicans don't view Kinzinger as an actual Republican, so putting him out there as a representation of the “Republican side” won’t work. It's an embarrassing choice.

Does CNN have any idea that they've just hired a person who threatened a cat on Twitter for sharing a meme that criticized him? Have they looked up the craziness of his Twitter posts and the false information that they have disseminated? Are they aware that he was taken in by an untrue rumor regarding Sam Hyde being the Ghost of Kyiv? Who can trust what he says? This isn't exactly a great choice, especially if they are trying to avoid the label of “fake news.” If they thought their ratings were bad before, they're bound to be even worse now that they have teary-eyed Kinzinger in their ranks.

What more can Kinzinger add to his new CNN job? Perhaps write a book about his incredible courage on the January 6 Committee and how it cost him so much (hint: it didn't). That's surely coming.

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