Rep. Cori Bush Receives Her Just Punishment on the House Floor Following Her Unjustified Racist Rant Against Rep. Byron Donalds

The ongoing debate over who should be the next Speaker of the House exposed the worst of radical-left Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO), although this is not an easy task.

After Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL), who like Bush is black, was nominated to the seat, pitting him against frontrunner Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Bush was furious, insinuating that Donalds is an uncle Tom who would like to continue perpetuating “white supremacy.” You know, because black men are well known for their love of white supremacy.

It's truly amazing what Democrats are able to do. Imagine the scenario if a Republican made that kind of inhumane, racist attack on a coworker, especially one belonging to a minority group. Do you think that it would be newsworthy and have serious consequences? The person who said such a thing would be thrown out of their committees and censured within a matter of minutes. However, when Bush unleashes a racial attack on another representative and fellow Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) dabbles in anti-Semitism, the leaders of the Democratic caucus simply ignore it. There's no accountability on that side of the line.

However, the status quo that was being maintained by the Democrats did not stop Republicans from criticizing Bush, with Rep. Dan Bishop (R-NC) roasting her on the House floor on Thursday.

According to the Daily Mail:

“Bishop tore into Democrats on the House floor on Thursday while making a nominating speech for Donalds, who burst into the limelight Wednesday after a group of GOP rebels fell behind him as their alternate candidate for speaker in their battle against Rep.-elect Kevin McCarthy.

“Democratic Rep.-elect Cori Bush (Mo.) tweeted that Donalds was a ‘prop’ whose candidacy upholds ‘white supremacy,’ drawing rebukes from both Donalds and Bishop.

“‘I’ve spent a good bit of time with Mr. Donalds, especially lately. He ain’t no prop!’ Bishop said, to applause from Republicans who gathered to try once again to elect a speaker.

“‘I know Byron—he’s not a prop. He’s a man of personal conviction,’ he said of the second-term lawmaker from Florida.

“He said he sat within feet of Donalds as Bush blasted out her tweet. He called Bush’s attack, without naming her, an example of ‘grotesque, racist rhetoric.’ The remark unified Republicans, who have otherwise been divided on the floor, while trading accusations of political terrorism against one another.”

If you get a chance, you must watch the video to see Bush blinking and squirming to get the full effect. The camera is positioned on her numerous times as Bishop talks. Of course, she displays no regrets at all because that is the type of person she is.

Democrats like Bush believe that anyone who is against them is a combination of a racist and a white supremacist. What is it that Donalds has actually done to inspire her accusations against him? Bush isn't in a position to answer this question if a journalist were brave enough to inquire (spoiler: none are). Instead, her remarks are like the rantings of an emotional child who can't make a rational argument to explain what she believes. It's more convenient for Democrats like Bush to make comparisons between her opponents and the most vile people on earth rather than actually defend her policies, which are, in reality, a mess.

While the Democratic leadership will not take any action against Bush since they don't have any motivation to do so, Republicans have the power to exact their own punishment. For instance, they could prevent Bush from receiving any committee assignments in the new term. It's a must. Her remarks were unsettling and should not be dismissed simply because she's one of those in the “right” identity group.

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