The House Packed It in Thursday Night After an 11th Voting Round Resulted in No Winner and a Surprise Trump Nomination

The process wasn't finished Thursday night. The decision process for deciding who will become Speaker of the House for the 118th Congress continued into Friday, after the lower chamber voted on Thursday night to suspend voting until noon EST on Friday following a motion by Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA). It was the only item the representatives could agree on.

On Thursday, Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy of California was reported to have agreed to a number of concessions that hold-outs wanted him to make, which led some to believe this would help things move in his direction. However, the needed votes were not yet a reality for McCarthy.

To further complicate things, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) voted for former President Donald Trump. He also did so in a later vote, as reported by CBS News.

During the 11th round of voting, Gaetz announced his nomination of Donald Trump for speaker. 

“I’m formally nominating President Donald J. Trump for Speaker of the House. Make the House of Representatives Great Again!”

The full speech he gave to announce this nomination can be found on Twitter.

Earlier, Virginia Republican Rep. Bob Good also put forward the name of Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK), who has been a vocal supporter of McCarthy. Good has expressed his displeasure with McCarthy's nomination to the speakership throughout the voting process. In a post on Twitter earlier in the day, he tweeted: ”Contrary to what the Establishment elites claim, Kevin McCarthy is not the only person who can be Speaker. We need someone strong who can lead the fight and save the country.”

In the final analysis, McCarthy failed for a third day to get the required votes (217 at the time of writing) to be the next speaker. The final vote count for the various candidates on Thursday was, according to CBS News: “[Democrat Minority Leader Hakeem] Jeffries received 212 votes, while McCarthy received 200 votes. Trump received one vote, others received 19, and one member voted present.” 

The House was to return for more voting on Friday.

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