Virginia High School That Kept National Merit Awards Hidden in the Name of Equity Hit by Civil Rights Lawsuits from Attorney General

As previously reported, a high-end Virginia high school was allegedly hiding the fact that some of its students—some of whom had Asian heritage—received National Merit awards that could have resulted in college scholarships. The motive was to prevent other students from feeling less worthy; it was a matter of “equity.” 

RedState’s Bob Hoge explained the grave damage these actions did to meritorious students:

“By hiding the awards, the administrators at the Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology not only denied the students their accomplishments, but they made it impossible for them to use the distinction on their college applications.”

Hoge has also written about the Commonwealth of Virginia's lieutenant governor, Winsome Spears, speaking out in a bold way regarding the school's conduct during an appearance on Fox News' Fox & Friends program on Tuesday morning:

“Sears powerfully lays out the argument that assuring equal outcomes in school—or elsewhere—does not work in the real world and leads to unprepared people being thrust out into the workforce. It also leads to those who work hard for their achievements being openly discriminated against, and as she points out, that’s just not the American way.

“Winsome vows to investigate this matter, and let’s hope she holds this school and these prejudiced administrators accountable.”

At the end of his article, Hoge included a tweet from the lieutenant governor. In it, she outlined the specific action she was taking instead of just providing lip service. The lieutenant governor was reported to have “reached out to the Governor and Attorney General [AG] and asked for an investigation.”

Then, the Center Square Virginia website reported that Virginia's AG, Jason Miyares, had accomplished exactly that by filing two civil-rights lawsuits: one based on the merit-awards issue and another concerning the school's admissions practices:

“Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares announced Wednesday civil rights investigations into allegations Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology withheld national awards from students, potentially costing them millions in scholarships.

“At the same time, Miyares announced a second, separate civil rights investigation into the school’s admission policy, which Miyares says has resulted in a significant drop in the Asian American student population at the school and violates the Virginia Human Rights Act.

“‘Racism and race-based government decision making is wrong and goes against who we are, and I want to get to the bottom of this,’ Miyares said in a Wednesday news conference.”

Miyares added:

“No student should be treated differently because of their race. Students at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology are amongst the brightest in the nation, yet some have been punished in the name of ‘equity.’

“The controversial admissions policies at TJHSST, which have significantly decreased the amount of Asian American students enrolled in recent years, is another example of students being treated differently because of their ethnicity.”

It will be interesting to see how the lawsuits develop. Hopefully, they will help restore to some degree the honor this group of students, and the future students of this educational institution, deserve.

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