CNN Caught in Hot Mic Moment Over McCarthy Vote

CNN was recently slapped for another huge blunder. The pretense of being “objective” is fast sinking into the water after the latest scandal.

In the midst of the battle to choose the speaker of the House position on Friday, the House was on break in the midday and Rep. Kevin McCarthy -who would win on the 15th vote, was interviewed by reporters. CNN's Anderson Cooper was covering the remarks live. However, how the panelists responded to them was a major issue, with the use of a hot microphone as well as an audible groan at the remarks of McCarthy.

“We'll be back in the evening. I'm confident that at that point we'll have the votes needed to end this,” McCarthy told reporters. “It brings me back to my father's advice to me- it's not about how you start, it's the way you end. We must finish in order to allow the American public to come around.”

“Oh, for Christ's sake,” the voice of a woman can be heard on air saying.

It wasn't known who the source of the remarks was. The speculation varied among Democratic strategists and CNN Contributor Karen Finney who had been on a previous panel prior to the remarks made to CNN chief political reporter Dana Bash, which is the person Raw Story claimed it was.

Both would be detrimental  for CNN and display a complete lack of professionalism. Bash will certainly create another snag in their claims to be focused on news and not the political run-of-the-mill from the Democrats. It's all about the bias.

This comes after CNN's Dana Bash lying during an interview with former Rep. Adam Kinzinger (how wonderful to hear that) earlier in the week. Bash claimed Kinzinger's departure occurred “largely as a result of that patriotic service” Kinzinger performed during the January 6 Committee that he quit Congress and that it was fake news, however Kinzinger did not rectify it. The reason why he left was because he chose not to run for re-election following the fact that Democrats had gerrymandered his area. It's been a consistent story that the media has pushed that it was due to his disgraceful behavior on the political commission. It's not helping the CNN “fake news” problem.

So, will CNN adopt any actions to deal with the viral phenomenon? Or are they hoping that they can get through the media cycle, and the public will forget about the incident?

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