McCarthy Commits to Action

As we previously reported, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Ca) has won the title of Speaker of the House vote on the 15th ballot.

The vote on rules is expected to be held on Monday.

McCarthy was sworn in on Friday evening, and then made remarks in which he confirmed the acts he and Republicans will be taking.

McCarthy stated that the first item on their agenda was eliminating “87,000 new IRS agents.”

It's a very popular decision, however, the politician wasn't done. He also promised other issues which were crucial to Americans such as the things Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY) has announced in the past, and the formation of a “Church Committee” to look into the ways in which the FBI as well as the intelligence agencies are “weaponized” for political purposes.

“Speaking of committees, we will be able to hold the swamp accountable, starting with the withdrawal from Afghanistan, through the beginnings of Covid and even the militarization and weaponization of the FBI. I will be specific. We will utilize the power of the purse as well as the power of subpoenas to accomplish the task.”

These are also things people have been wanting to be told for a long time. This is why winning the House should be all about making sure that we hold Biden as well as the swamp to account for all the things that have affected and hurt the American people. 

They'll have to perform lots of things. The American people are tired of seeing the same old same old for quite a long time today and many investigations with no outcomes. They are ready to take action. They are determined to hold Biden andthe Democrats accountable, and they're not simply going to support the status as it is. They're not confident they'll see the change they've voted for after being dissatisfied for many years. McCarthy must follow through on everything he's promised and more.

One thing was that amidst all the drama surrounding the election, we weren't able to celebrate in full, but now is the time to do it.

Pelosi has been officially dismissed.

We can move to accountability time right now.

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