Ron DeSantis Knows True Hearts of Mankind

Those of you with an interest in old-time radio shows will be familiar with “The Shadow.” It was a crime-drama that was popular from 1937 until 1954. It featured a wealthy young man, Lamont Cranston, who, with the use of telepathic and hypnotic abilities that he acquired from the mysterious East could obscure the minds of men, and he made use of this ability to stop criminals. 

If Ron DeSantis has ever listened to “The Shadow” remains unknown; however, one thing is certain. Similar to Lamont Cranston, DeSantis is a person of mystery, who creates terror in the hearts of lawbreakers, sharpsters and criminals.

It's never been more clear than in the frightened writings of Joshua Green from Bloomberg, who's article on January 5 “The secret to Ron DeSantis's success? Avoid Donald Trump, and Attack Business Instead” has been full of the gnawing fears of every large company that has gotten drunk on the smoky whiskey of woke. For instance, DeSantis will run for the presidency in 2024, and win in the process, and then continue nationally the things he's already begun in Florida.

Although the article is brief on DeSantis’s current method of engaging with Donald Trump by not taking a side, the primary concern is on the ways DeSantis has proven to be incredibly successful by challenging a group often associated with Republicans: large business. Of course, there are names like *coughDisneycough*, but another industry that is not usually mentioned but has also been a focus is Florida's huge sugar industry.

In 2018, DeSantis entered Florida's Republican primary for governor and his charismatic career was thwarted by a major issue in the form of sugar. “The sugar industry was probably more in for Adam Putnam than they'd ever been for any politician,” says Peter Schorsch, publisher of the magazine Florida Politics. “He was their golden child.” DeSantis however had voted against sugar subsidies while a congressman. Since one of the state's largest industries bombarded the governor with millions worth of negative advertisements, many of them being funded by dark-money groups, DeSantis reacted by naming Big Sugar as a major polluter, and aligning him with Everglades Foundation, a conservation organization founded by millionaire hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones, who was a major donor to the campaign. DeSantis received praise for standing up against sugar. Tampa Bay Times dubbed him “the green governor,” despite his 2% approval rating at the League of Conservation Voters. And after beating Putnam in a close contest, he narrowly won in the race for governor. Then, he retaliated by requiring all members of the South Florida water board, that was known for performing the bidding of industry, to remove themselves from the board.

The article does not mention the ways in which DeSantis’s strategy removes legs from under a typical Democrat talking point, which is that Republicans are involved with the big corporations and have no regard for the working person. It's the opposite; it's Democrats who are the most comfortable with big businesses, especially those who have adopted the satanic ideology of wokeism as they attempt to smother the middle class under an oppressive burden of taxes and inflation, while importing as much cheap, illegal, and exploitable labor as they can. Beware of the media who attempt at a press conference with DeSantis to repeat the Democratic party's position in this regard.

DeSantis has made it crystal clear in his actions and words that, when it comes to winning big business' favor, he will point towards the field in which he expands his own to make sure that everyone knows that it's barren. The question of whether he could be an opponent more powerful than Trump to whomever is the Democratic candidate in 2024, and what he'd do in the primary contests against Trump, are important questions worth being discussed only if he decides to run. The fact that is undisputed is that those who are on the other side are terrified to death of Ron DeSantis.

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