Schiff Lies About January 6, Again

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) appears to lie while breathing. He's among the most prolific sources of false information in Congress.

Schiff claimed, for example, that he'd seen proof against president Donald Trump about Russia collusion. This was a “Harry Reid” level lie — claiming that he would do anything to accomplish their political objective. But, as it turns out, the truth is that he didn't produce anything.

However, the lie he uttered on Friday, Jan. 6 must be among the most offensive lies he has told. There's no excuse for it, and the whole point is to deceive people in the American public to create tension from Americans regarding the Capitol violence using fake facts.

“Back on Capitol Hill on another January 6,” Schiff said with sadness. “Thinking about the family members of officers from law enforcement we lost that tragic day. We all share the debt of their families.”

Wait, what? He was just talking about what he called the “families of the law enforcement officers we lost that dark day.” What families do you think of, given that there were no law enforcement officers killed on the morning of Jan. 6? As we've reported in previous years, Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick passed away the next day from natural causes as the result of a stroke. If there wasn't an officer, it's likely there weren't as many like Schiff claimed. However, Schiff claimed to be thinking about their families.

It's disgusting to discuss family members and deaths that are not real in order to deceive the American people to further both his as well as the Democrats the political agenda. Biden wasn't the only one to lie about it on Friday. Joe Biden also lied about officers being killed in the riots in the morning of Jan. 6 too. It certainly appears like this isn't just an unintentional fabrication by any of the two. If they're saying similar things, it seems more like a rant.

Schiff is spreading false information even when he is trying to force people to be censored for false information. Schiff is not only lying in a way that is shameful, however, his office attempted to block the speech of a journalist who exposed his deceit. The reporter Paul Sperry is now considering his legal options regarding Schiff.

It's time Congress decides to act against Schiff. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy said he would remove Schiff from the House Intelligence Committee where he's been a major source of harm. It would be a wonderful first step towards Congressional accountability for McCarthy showing he'll follow through on the promises that he's made.

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