Tucker Carlson Censored by Biden’s Regime

The “Twitter Files” have become the main catalyst for revealing the extent to which Joe Biden's censorship policies tried to infringe the First Amendment, but what is the case with other social media firms?

Facebook was for a long time the most popular platform for political discussion within the United States, and according to the newly released emails, Biden's staff were in the office, urging employees to follow their own orders and more. Jeff Landry, the Attorney General of Louisiana who is currently suing President Obama for censorship, released the documents on Friday and they reveal that Tucker Carlson was caught up in the squabble.

In the email we are shown Robert Flaherty, the Deputy Director of Digital Strategies for the White House. In the first email, Robert Flaherty is urging Facebook to shut down Tucker Carlson. Here's the statement that Carlson made on his talk show on April 13 2021, a day prior to Flaherty's tweet:

“If the vaccine is safe it's not a need for people who've had the vaccine to be wearing masks. It's possible that it's not working and they're just not telling you about it. You'd rather not consider that, particularly in the case of two shots. But what's another possible reason? We're not able to come up with one.”

This comment set off an explosion of “fact-checks,” but in the end, Carlson was more right than his assertions were incorrect. The administration was overstating the effectiveness of the vaccines, particularly their ability to stop transmission of the virus. In light of the fact that the administration was putting the message out that vaccines are full-proof, it is only fair to challenge their credibility regarding the issue. Actually, it was reported that the White House recently proclaimed again that vaccines could be able to stop “every COVID death in America.” It's a clearly inaccurate representation of the evidence.

In the case of free speech, the validity of a claim is not important. The government isn't supposed to use private corporations as intermediaries to thwart the First Amendment rights of Americans. This is supposed to be illegal. But, it's exactly that what Flaherty was doing, and according to the second email in Landry's blog post, Facebook was more than willing to join in.

The story didn't end with Carlson, however. Landry offered another instance from how the White House provided specific examples of material that should be removed from the public domain because of “vaccine hesitancy.”

The most amazing thing is that the headlines were proven to be accurate. A lot of European countries have halted the vaccination of children against COVID-19 because of studies showing that the dangers of the vaccine are greater than the risk from the virus itself.

The White House was telling Facebook to block content that was likely to be authentic (including celebrities like Tucker Carlson), almost probably for political reasons which the firm was willing to comply with. Additionally, this was happening at the same time that Democrat officials were making threats to Facebook concerning the spreading of “misinformation.” In other terms, there was coercion at play and if it isn't enough to constitute an infraction or a violation of the First Amendment, then it is no longer relevant.

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