Biden Finally Visits the Border

We've been contemplating whether Joe Biden's visit to the border would be a genuine visit to the border or instead a photo-op in El Paso like Kamala Harris did last year. The word seems to be there. It's mostly a photo-op, but he's doing a bit better than Harris did.

According to Fox, he was planning to spend some time in El Paso and meet with border officials to discuss illegal immigration as well as the trafficking of Fentanyl. He's scheduled to go to El Paso County Migrant Services Center, as well as have meetings with religious and non-profit organizations to help with the number of illegal immigrants. However, he's also scheduled to visit the Bridge of the Americas that connects El Paso with Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, one of the most frequent ports for entry into the nation. Biden will be visiting the official “border,” although he's not heading to zones where illegal immigrants flow across the border, and he's unlikely to be able to see the root of the problem.

In the beginning, Biden met with Texas Governor Greg Abbott who welcomed him but also wrote Biden a letter in which he took the blame for how he'd sinned against everybody over the last two years in this area and the need for its attention to the matter.

Abbott explained that under the administration of President Donald Trump, there were “historically low levels of illegal immigration” (after the president was able to implement several things) and Under Joe Biden, you had “the worst illegal immigration in the history of our country.”

“His trip is $20 billion too little & 2 years too late,” Abbott tweeted. “I'm calling on Biden to do his constitutional duty to protect our nation.”

Abbott stated in the letter that when Biden “finished the photo-op,” Biden had a task to perform — to follow and enforce the laws that he was absconding with.

This report noted Biden isn't looking at the areas of difficulties within El Paso, where illegal immigrants were living on the streets. They have been cleaned up in a quick manner. They're probably not willing to take a risk with regards to any view of this, even after the cleaning up.

The reporter also notes that this Bridge of the Americas isn't taking care of all the problems, and it was more of a “dog and pony show.”

However, at least Biden got a great perspective from his view of the CBP car park.

As we have reported, the Border Patrol Union has had enough and mocked him, noting that he could have been to Des Moines after the clean-up. They claimed that this was about trying to put on a positive image to Democratic city mayors who've complained about the illegal immigrants being shipped to them. But if all he's doing is taking pictures, he's not going to be able to end the issue, and it's continuing to plague him.

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