Brazil’s Former President Is in Florida

On Sunday, supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro took over Brazil's National Congress, Supreme Court, and the presidential palace, protesting against the results of the elections just one week after the president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, who is commonly known as “Lula”, was sworn into the presidency. Bolsonaro is a member of an element of the “right-wing” bloc; his supporters are portrayed in Brazil's national colors, yellow and blue, while Lula is part of the socialist party, using the red color to represent them.

There were massive protests across Brazil following the second and third rounds of October elections. After the first round, Lula got 50.90 percent of the votes compared to Bolsonaro's 49.10 percent, the most accurate results in Brazil's presidential election history. Lula was the most popular candidate to receive the largest number of votes for any candidate in an election for the Brazilian Presidential election.

The question was whether Bolsonaro's government was going to enact the army to prevent an election, but it didn't occur. Bolsonaro accepted an uninvolved change of power, but without ever admitting defeat or indicating that the outcome was to be accepted.

In the wake of Sunday's coup, a trending topic on Twitter read: #BolonsaroIsInFlorida

However, is he really there? In fact, according to the New York Times, he has been in Orlando since the end of December.

In the midst of numerous investigations from his time in office, Mr. Bolsonaro flew to Florida in the last week of December, and plans to stay at least one month. He is currently living in Orlando and is living in a house rented belonging to a professional mixed-martial arts fighter, just a few miles away from Disney World.

Indeed, pictures of Bolsonaro have been circulated through social media. Slate posted a photo of Bolsonaro eating at a KFC.

The video showing Bolsonaro shopping in a Publix supermarket was posted on Twitter on Thursday.

Bolsonaro advised his supporters to be calm when the president left Brazil in December. Lula has pledged to locate and prosecute those responsible for Sunday's violence and requested the military to expel the people who are in charge.

Although political instability continues to be a problem in Brazil, what we are aware of is that Bolsonaro lives a fairly ordinary life in Florida.

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