Reality of Republican Majority Begins to Sink In

For three days in the beginning of the month of January, House Republicans debated who would be their next speaker in the House. And for an entire three-day period, the mainstream media was adamant about the battle. The result is “embarrassing,” according to our expert teleprompter class. Furthermore, it proved that the GOP could not govern, as the term “governance” is now defined as the entire congress voting in lockstep according to what they are instructed by the leadership.

In a sudden change, McCarthy offered the concessions required to obtain the Speakership. In accordance with the agreement, votes on the most conservative policies will be held regardless of whether they're likely to be unsuccessful. Normal order will resume regarding the allocation of funds. Bills with a large number of pages won’t be released in the middle of night with the requirement to be voted on the following day.

It's true that right in time, the same journalists who were asking Republicans to vote for the Speaker and begin government have now changed their tune. The Sunday morning news shows were full of hysteria and excitement as the real-world implications of the GOP majority began to take hold.

George Stephanopoulos, who went from the Clinton administration to become an “objective” anchor at ABC News, opened the door by preaching about armageddon.

The only thing he didn't see was the brimstone and hellfire that were pouring down. It's not a matter of fact that the concessions offered by McCarthy mostly led to the return of normal order. Since they were granted on the whim of those who are the most “extreme” members of the GOP These concessions should be presented as being extremely concerning. This isn't only McCarthy at risk, either. This is also about the “fiscal security of the United States and the basic functions of government.” Of course.

Naturally, Stephanopoulos has shown none of this concern about his country's “fiscal security” of the nation when it comes to the debt that the country owes which is now in excess of $31,000,000,000,000. He has never criticized Nancy Pelosi for shoving through massive spending programs. He has no qualms about the massive deficits created by the Biden administration that burden the next generation. However, how do we return to normal order, i.e. 12 separate appropriations votes? Then that's the end of the governance process or something.

According to the media, a government that isn't controlled by elites in a cabal that are totally obedient to elected representatives is naive and unjust.

According to Chuck Todd, maturity is having a caucus so dependent on leadership that they do not represent their constituents. This is an aspect of the Democratic Party where even “the squad” falls in line once they're ordered to. People like Todd do not want democracy. They prefer an oligarchy which keeps the gravy train going for them while the rest of us are left in the dust.

This is the thing this debate is all about. This isn't about the time it takes to select the Speaker. It's not at all about the rule changes that were made at the House. Instead, it's an acknowledgement that the unfettered left-wing power on a federal scale is about to come towards an end. The hysteria can be entertaining however, it's also exhausting and demeaning. The sun is indeed rising tomorrow, despite Republicans being in power.

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