Diamond of “Diamond and Silk” Dead

The well-known Trump supporter Lynette Hardaway died on Monday evening at her home in North Carolina.

Hardaway, also known as Diamond to friends, family, and followers, was a part of the dynamic duo of the Trump-loving  “Diamond and Silk.” She and her sister Rochelle Richardson became famous in the midst of Trump's historic presidential campaign when they made public their support for Trump. The sight of the two Black women backing Trump as the Republican candidate drove them to huge success both online as well as in the field.

They collaborated on a book and also hosted a popular YouTube show. They were frequent guests on the conservative news circuits.

The reason for the death wasn’t disclosed at the time of writing; however, Hardaway was admitted to hospital for COVID-related complications over the Thanksgiving holiday. There are speculations that she did not fully recover after returning home.

The messages of sympathy poured in from supporters and prominent conservatives all over the world and from politicians, including President Trump who cried over the loss of her “big and precious heart,” declaring that her sister was with her in her last moments.

Some expressed shock, while others recalled Diamond's generosity and positive outlook.

The family of Hardaway announced the news of her death via their Diamond and Silk Twitter account Monday night. They're soliciting privacy, and they are also organizing a crowdfund for “preserving Diamond's legacy.”

Lynette Hardaway was 51 years old.

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