RNC Chair Race Heats Up

Over the weekend, one of the strongest GOP arms passed a resolution that reads “no confidence” against RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel.

From The Hill:

It was reported that the Alabama Republican Party said it won't support Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel in her bid to lead the organization's national leadership, a further setback in what is already looking to be her most difficult leadership contest to date.

“The Alabama Republican Party's Steering Committee cannot support or endorse Ronna McDaniel for RNC Chair and declare our vote of no-confidence in her leadership,” the state's political party stated in a statement first published by ABC.

McDaniel has been criticized for what was widely thought to be a disappointing outcome for the party during the midterm elections in November. Republicans did not win back majority control in the Senate and only secured a small majority for the House of Representatives.

The Texas GOP Executive Committee set the tone in December 2022 when they voted against RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel, as reported by the Texas Tribune. In the end, the Republican Executive Committee voted 62-0 to approve the resolution, declaring that McDaniel “must be replaced.” The Florida GOP has a no-confidence vote scheduled for January 14-20, 2023.

A majority of Republican voters believe the party needs to move away from McDaniel, according to a poll in December conducted by a conservative group of grassroots that was only obtained by The Hill. The poll found that 73% of Republican voters would favor choosing someone other than McDaniel to the post.

RedState Director of Editorial Joe Cunningham reported on this poll and said:

Decentralization isn't just detrimental to McDaniel, but it's also negative for many members of RNC top management with consolidated authority inside the central committee. This leads to issues such as the belief that you can spend the money of donors in numerous extravagant purchases and think that it's all normal.

It is evident that the state commissions have been exercising their vast authority and claiming that a new dawn for Republicans is coming and that this is requiring fresh leadership from the Republican National Committee speaks volumes. These days when you “go along to get along” are quickly fading away as demonstrated by last week's fight over who is the Speaker in the House of Representatives.

Even though news outlets, like The Hill, report that McDaniel has the 168 votes necessary to secure her re-election as RNC Chair, these votes of no-confidence and support for her challenger, Civil Rights Attorney Harmeet Dhillon — continue to roll in.

The Kitsap County Republican Party held its first meeting of the year on January 2. They approved a vote to endorse Harmeet Dhillon to the position of Republican National Committee (RNC) Chair.

We believe that there should be a shift in Republican Leadership at the top level in order to establish an activation of the grassroots Republicans who can bring the necessary change in our great country.

The RNC Chair's vote is rapidly coming up on January 27. As Dhillon continues to lay out her new idea for the Committee which focuses on the partnership between grassroots groups, committees of state, as well as the donor class, McDaniel continues to evade criticism and blame Republican factions.

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