Scott Gotlei Pressured Twitter on Vaccine Criticism

In the most recent edition of Twitter Files, journalist Alex Berenson exposed the lengths those in power went to to make certain that party lines were defended, and Twitter was right there with it.

However, this wasn't just government control. It was a private corporation with a financial stake in its COVID vaccine, and a desire to be shielded from criticism.

Dr. Scott Gottleib, who is on the board of Pfizer is an ex- FDA commissioner. He leveraged his influence to force Twitter to ban dissenting voices regarding his company's COVID-19 vaccination.

In addition to other files that are highly problematic, Berenson revealed that, in an email from August 2021, Gottlieb criticized the tweet of the former Trump government official, Doctor Brett Giroir. The email was sent to Twitter's top Public Policy Manager Todd O'Boyle. Giroir's tweet stated “It's now obvious that COVID19's naturally-derived immunity outperforms vaccine immunity, and by a lot. There is no scientific basis for the #vax hypothesis if someone was infected before.”

Berenson revealed the details of what the tweet did that was flagged.

The article is “corrosive,” Gottlieb wrote. He was worried that it could “end up going viral and driving news coverage.”

Through Jira Jira, an internal system that Twitter employed to manage issues, O'Boyle forwarded Gottlieb's email to the Twitter “Strategic Response” team. The team was in charge of handling complaints that came from Twitter's most important employees as well as users.

“Please see this report from the former FDA commissioner,” O'Boyle wrote, failing to note the fact that Gottlieb was also a Pfizer board member who had financial stake in marketing the mRNA shots.

A Strategic Response analyst quickly found that the tweet didn't violate any of the Strategic Response's false information policies.

However, Twitter did end up flagging the tweet with a false label, and blocked any person from reading the tweet. It's still flagged even though many large studies have proved the validity of Giroir's statements.

In a separate incident, Gottlieb attempted to have a tweet flagged that criticized the necessity for COVID mitigation strategies to be targeted at children who were (and continue to be) significantly less vulnerable to the disease or its impact.

On September 3, 2021, Gottlieb attempted to strike again, expressing his frustration to O'Boyle about a tweet by Justin Hart. Hart is an official lockdown and Covid vaccine skeptic, with more than 100,000 followers on Twitter.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but a viral pathogen with a child mortality rate of <>0% has cost our children nearly three years of schooling,” Hart wrote in his tweet.

The reason Gottlieb opposed Hart's comments isn't clear; however, the Pfizer shot was going to soon be approved for kids ranging from 5 to 11, thereby creating an enormous market for Pfizer in the event that parents could be convinced Covid was a real danger for their children.

O'Boyle spoke of “former FDA Commissioner Gottlieb” in the course of forwarding the report, but he did not mention Gottlieb's current employment with Pfizer.

This time, however, the complaint of Gottlieb was so far out of the box that Twitter was unable to respond.

There were two instances when Gottlieb, who held an investment in the vaccines not being investigated, tried to persuade the social media giant to remove tweets which went against his financial interests. But it was not the only time that Gottlieb attempted to interfere.

Berenson has also outlined his personal struggles with Gottlieb who admitted he tried to use Twitter to discredit Berenson and his assertions. The journalist earned notoriety through social media due to his vaccine-related skepticism and his fights with the media giant and the government and censorship which have been extensively documented.

Similar to the incident, Berenson had a jab at Pfizer towards the conclusion of his article on Twitter's files.

He is among seven board members on the executive committee, and is the chair of the advisory and regulatory committee that supervises “compliance with laws, regulations, and internal procedures applicable to pharmaceutical sales and marketing activities.”

Pfizer has a long track record of breaking drug industry law and ethics regulations. In 2009, the company agreed to compensate $2.3 billion, which is the biggest health settlement for fraud ever in American history, for deceitfully selling several medications. In 1996, the company conducted the first clinical trial using an antibiotic in Nigeria where 11 children were killed and inspired the novel by John Le Carre, The Constant Gardener.

It is yet to be determined what happens next. Pfizer will have to answer for the actions of their board members.

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