Online Warriors Rage at the Wrong Offender Over a Viral Video of an Art Gallery Operator Hosing a Homeless Woman in San Francisco

Drug addiction and homelessness have become major issues throughout the United States, and nowhere are these problems more prominent than in Democrat-controlled areas.

The most infamous of these are Los Angeles and San Francisco, two cities that are Smurf-blue in the Smurf-blue state of California. The problem of homeless people addicted to drugs in these cities is so severe that daily videos showcase these cities as similar to those of third-world nations.

Tent cities, people passed out on sidewalks, and piles of trash engulfing the cityscape—and yet, city officials not only do nothing to help but insist on “solutions” that only enable the spread of these problems. It has created a sense of despair among residents who are no longer able to enjoy their lives and work peacefully.

One of them is Collier Gwin, a man who has resided in San Francisco for 45 years. Gwin operates an art gallery located on Montgomery Street in Jackson Square, according to KPIX-TV. However, customers have largely abandoned the area due to the terrible homeless issue.

One day, Gwin was at the end of his rope. Because the city was unable to address the issue of homelessness, the owner decided to take matters into his own hands. In a fit of frustration, he went out and turned on the water hose and began spraying a homeless lady who had been camping outside his gallery for days, with the aim of causing her to move. The incident was recorded by a store owner in the area, who uploaded it to TikTok. As a result, Gwin has become the subject of an avalanche of online hate.

Man sprays water on homeless woman who refused to leave the front of his store.

Don’t be mad at him. This is what happens when a city refuses to do anything about the homeless/drug addiction issue.

— Brandon Morse (@TheBrandonMorse) January 11, 2023

KPIX-TV stated that Gwin truly regrets his actions but said he had reached the point of no return with the woman in question, as she was a threat to his livelihood and was consistently trashing the area outside his gallery. Gwin's desperate solution to the problem followed city officials’ refusals to provide the woman with any assistance:

“He said this confrontation was the result of multiple attempts to get the woman help, after he spent days cleaning up her mess and letting her sleep in his doorway. He added that she often knocks over trash cans, and her behavior has scared off his clients.

“Gwin said he and other business owners in the area have called SFPD and social services more than two dozen times in the last two weeks.

“‘I said she needs psychiatric help,’ Gwin said. ‘You can tell, she’s pulling her hair, she’s screaming, she’s talking in tongues, you can’t understand anything she says, she’s throwing food everywhere.’”

Naturally, on the internet, commentators are virtue signaling to the moon about how horrible and inhumane this man is due to his actions, but it's all keyboard-warrior gibberish. A lot of them are not and probably never will find themselves in the same situation. They'll never see something they built up gradually demolished by addicts who swarm the neighborhood, scaring away potential customers. They won't have to remove the garbage and harmful waste they dump on their property.

The problem isn't Gwin. He isn’t the one who needs to be slammed. It's the Democratic politicians who sit in their secure offices and homes, dining at expensive restaurants in areas where the problem of homelessness is actually being fought, who deserve people's anger. These are the people who continue to worsen the situation by implementing backward policies that encourage homelessness and addiction to drugs.

Gwin is as much a victim as the homeless woman; both are victims of bad policies. Although it's unfortunate that this incident happened, the blame does not lie with Gwin. The blame lies with  Californian politicians.

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