President Biden’s Speedy Visit to the Southern Border for Political Show Fails Beside GOP Senators’ Trip to Hammer Out the Real Issues

President Joe Biden, in his valiant attempt to embody the phrase “too little, too late,” finally made his way to meet with southern-border officials on Sunday. If only two words could be used to describe the president's visit, “quick” and “comical” would be the best adjectives.

As RedState‘s Nick Arama noted, Biden did not visit the “areas where illegal aliens are pouring across the border.” That is to say, Biden did not take the time to examine the actual implications of his administration's immigration policies. However, in his unending generosity, Biden provided the nation with additional comedy fodder through yet another gaffe. He admitted to people from the Salvation Army that he “spent some time with the Secret Service in Poland and Ukraine.”

Biden isn't the only government representative who has visited the border in recent times. A group of Republican senators went south to make a closer review of the situation twice. Both of these visits came after an investigation in December made clear that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has lost track of more than 150,000 illegal immigrants due to a lack of processing. Fox News reported:

“The Biden administration launched Operation Horizon in November 2021 to locate the 150,000 released migrants and send their official charging documents by mail. However, the ICE training videos show that border officials were restricted in their ability to locate and remove illegal migrants.”

As you have likely concluded, Republican lawmakers didn't have anything nice to say about the Biden administration’s handling of the current immigration crisis. “Under President Biden, every single state has become a border state,” stated Senator Katie Britt (R-AL).

Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has slammed the White House for relying on the “catch-and-release” policy, which “needs to end.”

When Biden ended most of former President Donald Trump's immigration policies just after taking his post, it was evident that the country was set to experience an increase in the number of migrants and illegal immigrants seeking access to the United States. However, the immigration problems that were triggered by the president’s policies have become much more dire than predicted.

This White House's move of bringing the nation back to the catch-and-release system, an unproven policy that has not performed well, was another sign that this president isn't taking the immigration issue seriously, even though it's already caused much damage to the nation.

Border towns have been overwhelmed by the constant flow of illegals and migrants placed in their towns. Overdoses from the fentanyl being shipped across the southern border have increased dramatically. Yet Biden and his team seem unaffected by the situation.

For anyone watching, the Biden trip to the southern border was nothing more than political stagecraft. The reality that this administration is making it more difficult for ICE to fulfill its mission is a clear indication. Any concerns expressed by administration officials at the White House are insincere. If they really wanted to tackle this issue, it would be a matter of taking concrete steps to address it. So far, they've opted for slacking off rather than actually implementing a policy.

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