Rep. Byron Donalds’s Wife, Erika, Provides Evidence of the Left’s Blatant Prejudice Toward the Conservative Interracial Couple

It's safe to say that nobody in America has more experience with racism and hate than a conservative black. While the Democrats are known for claiming that they're the party that lifts up and defends the black community, they've proven time and time again that black lives only matter when they're aligned with their policies and narratives.

Florida GOP Representative Byron Donalds is one such black male. Because he is a conservative, Democrats don't see Donalds as an individual with his own beliefs and values but rather as a traitor to his race. The label comes with the usual criticisms and smears. But recently, the left found out that Donalds’s wife is white. As you might imagine, this has led to racist remarks from leftists.

Erika Donalds has started receiving messages directed at herself and her spouse regarding their interracial marriage. This shouldn’t be an issue for those on the left, considering that a lot of their favorite media personalities and politicians are people of color who have white spouses. This includes Vice President Kamala Harris, CNN host Don Lemon, hard-left congresswoman AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez [D-NY]), and Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot.

Evidently, their interracial marriages aren't targets. However, the Donalds family members are. Erika Donalds has slammed this discrimination and provided screenshots of just how hypocritical and racist the left is.

She tweeted:

“Byron and I have been together for 23+ years, and the most racist attacks we experience are always from the left. They can’t accept that a free thinking black man achieves success on his own merits, and they sure as heck can’t stand that he’s married to me! 

“Cry harder, haters.”

Modern culture is pushing extremely hard to promote interracial relationships. In reality, you'll rarely see any commercials featuring two white spouses on television these days. But the left treats couples of different races the same way they treat blacks. They have to conform to and abide by the body politic or become social pariahs.

The left has tried hard to avoid talking about this egregious hypocrisy, and it's likely to be ignored for as long as the public isn't aware of it.

The skin color of someone's spouse doesn’t determine their political views; in the same way, the color of a person's skin doesn't have any bearing on the kinds of principles and ideologies that he or she should have. The concept that skin color dictates the way someone lives his or her life is a leftist position and, in turn, makes them racist.

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