The President’s Dishonesty and Hypocrisy Are More Concerning Than the Contents of the Recently Revealed Classified Documents

The two-fold set of Biden classified documents, with the second being “found” at a different place than the first batch, has raised the stakes dramatically for President Joe Biden, who slammed former President Donald Trump after the discovery of classified documents during an FBI raid on his Mar-a-Lago residence in Palm Beach, Florida.

Before we move on to the Biden revelations, let's take a quick trip down memory lane, shall we?

In an interview on 60 Minutes following the FBI's discovery of classified documents in Trump's home, the hypocritical Joe Biden climbed atop his high horse and stated that it was difficult to comprehend “how anyone could be that irresponsible.”

“How that could possibly happen, how one, anyone could be that irresponsible? And I thought what data was in there that may compromise sources and methods.”

Oopsie, Joey. Twice. It's not a joke, Joe. Do you want to compare Trump's snafus to your own?

The questions that were repeatedly asked about the documents found at Mar-a-Lago and those discovered in two different Biden locations are the same:

How many documents were found? What were the processes by which they arrived at the places they were discovered? And when did they reach their destinations? What information is contained in the documents, and at what classification levels? Did Biden or his assistants know that the documents were taken? What was the date that Biden was informed that the documents were discovered? What was the reason the public wasn't informed that the initial batch was discovered prior to the midterm elections? What can the administration do to ensure that an investigation doesn't become corrupted and that the right strategy is in place to search for more documents?

As pointed out by Georgetown law professor and Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley:

“What is not known is whether some of this classified material was relevant to Biden’s book and his lectures on diplomacy, raising the possibility that he worked with the documents on computers or discussed them with third parties. In the meantime, they apparently sat in a closet, easy pickings for any intelligence service.

“While the media continues to dismiss the influence peddling investigation as, in the words this weekend of NBC’s Chuck Todd, a ‘personal’ attack, it is far more serious as a form of corruption due to an array of dangers from such access.

“The millions given to Hunter Biden came from a variety of foreign sources, including some coming from figures tied to foreign intelligence. This money not only gained influence but access to the Bidens.”

Turley also commented on the comparisons with Trump’s classified documents, pointing out the differences:

“Now Biden stands accused of the same underlying offense as Mar-a-Lago. While there have not been false statements or obstruction claims raised, it is unclear what allegations will emerge.

“More importantly, the offense of unlawfully removing and storing classified information is the same. Yet, Garland again refused to appoint a special counsel and will keep the matter within the DOJ rank-and-file.

“Biden can count on every possible consideration and accommodation from the media. The public is used to that. However, Garland will undermine both investigations by continuing to block the appointment of a special counsel into Biden and his family.”

Professor Turley was right on the mark. Of course, this entire mess is yet another example of the deceitful hypocrisy that is evident in those who call themselves the “mainstream” media, the Trump-obsessed Democrats, and Biden himself.

From Joe's son Hunter's numerous questionable transactions to well-founded allegations that the “Big Guy” was not only fully aware of his son's suspicious actions but actively involved in every single one of them right from the beginning, the sorry tale continues: the Biden family business, as it were. One can only imagine the hysteria on the left if Trump or one of his children were to have been involved in only one-tenth of the business activities of the Biden family. 

As has been the case with the Trump documents, there is likely no real threat to the security of the United States in relation to the “recently discovered” Biden classified documents. The actual “clear and present” danger to the U.S. is its deceptive president's lies and hypocrisy.

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